3 Count: Hey, Hey Bayley!

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling Related Music: Good, Bad & Otherwise

Before we put 2015 behind us, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite events from the past year, NXT Takeover: London. It taught us three things.


GIF courtesy of The Wrestling Giffer
2. Finn Balor’s Demon may or may not be the cursed soul of Jack the Ripper.

GIF Courtesy of The Wrestling Giffer

3. The UK crowds have some pipes.

We shouldn’t be surprised. From The Beatles to Adele, England has proven that they can provide the world with quality music. Even Madonna’s music from her fake British accent period sounds better than it should. But en masse, it’s difficult to get such a sound from such a crowd. As American wrestling fans, we’re impressed. Your ability to turn “Hey Jude” into Big Cass or the hook from “Seven Nation Army” into Enzo Amore, even if that is partially inspired by your a soccer culture – a sport that we refuse to call football and only make our children play- is truly a feat worthy of a “We Are Awesome” T-shirt.

The most impressive song was reserved for the NXT Women’s Champion Bayley.


Hey, Hey Bayley (ooh aah)
I wanna know (oh ooh)
if you’ll be my girl

Is infectious! It made the adorable Bayley blush even more adorably!

GIF Courtesy of The Daily Bayley

The chant originates from the DJ Ötzi 2001 remix of “Hey Baby.”

Which is a cover of the 1962 one hit wonder by Bruce Channel. But there’s only one version for us:

Well played, London. “Hey Hey Bayley” is the official Best Chant of 2015.

We’ll do better in 2016.

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