So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season 04 Finale Recap (09/29/15)


I Do… I Don’t?

Still in Mexico, Paige tells Foxy that she lied. She only said yes to Kevin’s proposal because she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. Paige does not want to be married. At least not right now.

She needs to find some way to tell Kevin since saying, “j/k” or “It was reverse day: yes meant no” don’t work.

They break the news to the other Total Divas and they agree that the best thing to do is tell Kevin as sooner than later.


Paige needs to tell him in person but Kevin’s on tour and Paige is in Mexico. But the Total Divas agree: “Cheers to not right now.”

Also, this happens.

tumblr_nvaglvAVbf1rquw9uo3_500 tumblr_nvaglvAVbf1rquw9uo2_500 tumblr_nvaglvAVbf1rquw9uo1_500

Gifs courtesy of the-anvilette

Back at WWE, the rumor of Paige’s engagement is spreading. Wade Barrett asks her about her boyfriend (headlining the Download Festival? Good job!).

Rosa, the 3rd Amiga, asks Paige about her relationship status. Paige said that she’s technically engaged. Rosa is happy for her but when Paige explains the complication, Rosa is cautious; she doesn’t know Kevin well enough (he’s a really good guy) but he may leave Paige if she says she doesn’t want to get married. Rosa thinks that Kevin is the one, a good man, which is hard to find.

Paige is meeting fans and hanging out backstage. She runs into The Big Show who asks her about the engagement. Big Show says that not a lot of people will ask you for marriage. He thinks she’s ready. He also says he’s wise and knows these things.

Paige is in Boston for a WWE Live Event and surprise! Kevin is in Boston too. He wanted to see her before she heads to Japan. They run into Big Show who brings up, what else? The engagement! Now Paige HAS to tell Kevin.

In Chef Village, sans Kevin, the 3 Amigas are discussing the un-engagement. They decide to role-play the conversation. Foxy is not a good Kevin; she goes to ‘anger’ right away. Rosa takes a turn at playing “Kevin” and scars Paige. Rosa lays out the 50/50 scenario: Kevin will either be okay with it or leave altogether.

Later, Paige and Kevin are in the car. Paige has a lot of anxiety and “doesn’t want to be a grown-up right now.” She’s going to be away for a week (Japan) and doesn’t want to tell Kevin and then fly away. She’s trying to figure it out.

Eva 2.0?

Eva Marie heads to Orlando for her NXT debut, her first time wrestling since she’s been training with The Brian Kendrick.

Ryan, the head writer, says that they brought Eva Marie to NXT to get street cred. He warns her that some reactions will be good and some will be bad. The goal is to get a reaction.

Eva is nervous because it’s her first time back but the response Eva got from Full Sail gave her a crazy reaction.


Full Sail started dueling “Let’s Go Eva / Eva Sucks” chants.

tumblr_nrwzerRXiI1srbyoyo1_500Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Eva says this is what she wants. People are in invested in what she is doing. She wins her match and says this is just the beginning. Eva Marie is coming for you.

End of the Hart Dynasty?

Nattie makes a visit the eye doctor. She’s been having trouble seeing out of her left eye. She needs to get it looked at but worried that it might affect her career.

The doctor gives Nattie an eye test and cannot see any of the letters at all.


The doctor concludes that she is at a high risk of retinal displacement. He wants Nattie to see a retinal specialist and have surgery.

Nattie asks if it’s an issue that she’s a wrestler. The doctor advises her to not wrestle again. The doctor doesn’t even let patients go on a rollercoaster after a retinal displacement.

Nattie calls Tyson Kidd because she’s worried about the news. Tyson advises her to wait for the results to come back from the next consultation to decide what the next step is.

Tyson Kidd has an untelevised match against Samoa Joe, a wrestler that recently joined NXT. Summer Rae, Layla, Alicia Fox and Tamina are watching the match backstage. After the match ends, their faces are stunned: something went wrong.

They show Nattie in the hallway saying, “the way he landed, he didn’t move.” Tyson Kidd got injured in the ring and they have to get him to the hospital to find out what happened.

Nattie and her Mom visit Tyson Kidd in the hospital. He’s in a neck brace and they are running tests. Nattie encourages her Mom to stay positive.

tumblr_nvgumyPADd1saykaxo1_500Courtesy of hiitsmekevin


Nattie and Tyson Kidd are driving home from the hospital. He’s still wearing a neck brace but he’s surprised that his neck is feeling a little better. They need to get CAT Scans and MRIs to see what next steps they need, like surgery. Tyson is worried about how long it will take to get back in the ring. Nattie knows Tyson will be back in the ring and it’s more important that they have each other. Tyson agrees.

Nattie and her Mom are driving around after sushi lunch and jean shopping. She gets a call from another specialist who is recommending surgery. Nattie doesn’t know if she can have surgery right now since Tyson Kidd needs to have surgery. Her Mom thinks Nattie and TJ needs to talk about what to do since they both have serious medical issues.

Nattie, Tyson and Nattie’s Mom are home. Nattie’s Mom asks if they are both doing okay. Nattie tells her Mom – but really Tyson Kidd – that her left eye has almost perfect vision. Nattie’s lying. Again.


Nattie wants to focus on Tyson Kidd’s recovery. She’s going to deal with her later but she doesn’t want to put any more stress on Tyson’s plate. She knows that some things in life are worth sacrificing for and for her, Tyson Kidd is one of those things.

Stealing Your Girlfriend?

Back in Phoenix, The Bella Siblings are out to dinner. JJ Bella is with his wife; Brie Bella is with her husband, Daniel Bryan. Nikki Bella is with … an empty chair. Cena couldn’t make it. Dolph Ziggler walks in with his real name, Nick Nemeth.

tumblr_nvik40eaJh1r2nlkpo3_250Courtesy of twinsand

Nikki Bella reveals that she and Dolph used to date on and off for 5 years!
Dolph lives in Phoenix (he moved there for Nikki but Dolph’s family lives there too.) They’re friends now and have good chemistry. Dolph is with his family. Nikki insists that everyone sits together.

Dolph is telling stories like the time he and Nikki went to a Coyotes hockey game. Daniel Bryan notices the chemistry between Dolph and Nikki.

A gentleman at the bar orders Brie Bella a drink. Everyone turns to Daniel Bryan to see how he’s going to react. He tells Brie to “drink up!” Turns out it was a prank by Nikki.

The Bella Twins take a bathroom break. Nikki asks whether Daniel Bryan is giving her dirty looks. Brie explains that Bryan doesn’t get understand that the Bellas – as Italians – want everyone to sit together and eat. Then they play wrestle, as Bellas do.

tumblr_nvh48vc5JC1qzucdqo5_250Courtesy of twinsand

Daniel Bryan and JJ Bella think that it’s questionable whether Nikki was flirting with Dolph.


Backstage, Nick and the Bellas are hanging out, comparing Nikki’s yellow workout attire to a man standing backstage in a banana costume. They talk about how much fun the dinner was the other night.

Nick invites The Bellas to a pool party at the Valley Ho in Phoenix. This time, Brie picks up the vibe that Dolph is being super flirty with Nikki. Nikki doesn’t think that was flirting.

The Bella go to the pool party, including Mama, JJ Bella and Mrs. JJ Bella. Nick and his friends walk over to join them. Mama Bella asks whether Dolph is dating anyone. He says it’s hard with their schedule right now.

Dolph asks whether Brie and Nikki want kids right now. Brie has baby fever but there are no kids in Nikki’s future. That was a big issue in Nick and Nikki’s relationship back then. But Nick’s changed. He doesn’t think anyone should change what they want for someone else.


Backstage in Toledo, the Bellas and Dolph are talking about the pool party. Nikki goes off to take care of something.

Brie mentions that the comments Dolph made at the pool party were inappropriate. She thinks that Dolph is trying to mess with Nikki’s head. Dolph says that it’s true that he might know what she likes because of their past relationship.

Brie asks if Dolph still has feelings for Nikki. Dolph says that he hung with them so much that it’s hard not to joke around with them, which is why it feels like flirting. Brie says that she’s keeping her eyes on Dolph.


Courtesy of juliaahr

Nikki and John Cena go out to dinner. They’re asked to take photos with a bachelorette party., then have the usual dinner conversation. Nikki says that you know you’re truly in love when you can fart in front of your significant other. John agrees and Nikki is the king.

Then they talk about how all Nikki’s friends are having babies. John thinks people are downloading sonogram photos from the Internet; there’s no way there are that many babies.

John asks whether Brie’s baby fever is affecting Nikki. The last time they spoke about this, Nikki said, “I don’t want to talk about it.” John’s happy: he loves Nikki and wants her in his life. He doesn’t want to make Nikki upset when they only have a few hours together.

Backstage at RAW in Washington DC, the Bellas are signing merchandise. Dolph walks by and continues his flirting with Nikki. He says that he still has feelings for Nikki. Nikki is waiting for Dolph to say, “just kidding,” but Dolph asks to speak with Nikki privately instead.

In the parking lot, Dolph tells Nikki that he’s not kidding. Nikki says that it feels disrespectful to Cena. Dolph asks if there’s anything feelings there.

Nikki says Cena treats her like a queen, no offense to Dolph. Dolph says he can give her kids; he can give her a husband; he can give her the things that they talked about.


And the season ends with Dolph saying, “I think the two of us …”

So That Happened:

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