So That Happened: #RAW Recap (09/28/15)


RAW begins with the return of the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge.

John Cena does his usual speech about the U.S. Open Challenge.

John Cena calls out his next challenger, which ends up being The New Day. Xavier Woods plays John Cena’s theme music on the trombone.

Big E says the New Day is here to make things great again. Big E hypes the MSG show this weekend and how they will be rid of The Dudley Boyz. Big E. informs John Cena that they’re here to accept the open challenge. Big E gives John Cena a new catchphrase: Hustle, Loyalty and Booty

The New Day keeps hyping their upcoming match against John Cena. Kofi Kingston hypes the idea of The New Day as the U.S. and Tag Team Champions AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

Kofi says they’re gonna be Scrooge McDuck because after the match against John Cena, The New Day will be swimming in gold.

John Cena stops the fun by telling New Day that if they don’t take this seriously, he will beat all of their asses. Xavier Woods is chosen.

Xavier Woods tells John Cena that he will get Lost In The Woods.

John Cena is not having it.

John Cena attacks Xavier Woods.


The referee ejects The New Day.

John Cena drops Xavier Woods with a Power bomb.

Xavier Woods drops John Cena with an inverted suplex.

Xavier Woods does an Eat Defeat to John Cena

John Cena almost wins the match but The New Day interferes.

Luckily for Cena, The Dudley Boyz make the save.

Now it’s a six-man tag: The Dudleyz and John Cena vs. The New Day

During the match, D-Von Dudley sends Big E crashing into John Cena.

New Day takes advantage and wins the match.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are talking with HR. Triple H doesn’t think this is the way to handle Kane, but Stephanie McMahon insists that she knows what she’s doing.

Kane is introduced to Ashley from HR. Ashley is going to give Kane an evaluation to see if he’s qualified to be the Director Of Operations. Ashley says she got an anonymous tip from a WWE Superstar. Right on cue, Seth Rollins shows up surprised that Kane has to go through this.


Backstage, Dean Ambrose tries to talk Roman Reigns out of his match with Bray Wyatt, but Roman Reigns says he doesn’t care. Reigns says Wyatt started it, so he’s going to finish it. Ambrose lets Reigns know that if the other Wyatts try anything, he will come out of hell swinging. Reigns tries to get Ambrose to ask Randy Orton for assistance, but after the Jericho incident, Ambrose doesn’t want any help. Orton hears this and reminds Ambrose and Reigns that once they’re done with Bray Wyatt, he’s next.


Mark Henry vs. Big Show is next.

Which Big Show quickly wins.


Up next is MizTV with Charlotte and Becky Lynch:

The Miz summarizes the drama between Team PCB, Paige and Natalya, then introduces Becky Lynch and Charlotte.


The Miz tries to bring up the last time Team PCB was at MizTV, but Becky Lynch quickly shuts Miz down for being a sexist, chauvinistic pig. Becky threatens to slap Miz’s attire off of him. Miz corrects Becky saying it’s an “Infinity Scarf.”

Charlotte demands Paige come down to the ring to settle this, but The Miz gets mad that Charlotte is inviting people on his show. Becky Lynch comes up with a quick way to get The Miz to stop talking.

Team Bella comes out instead. Nikki feels bad for Charlotte, saying that because of this drama, it’s only a matter of time before Nikki Bella is the Divas Champion. Charlotte tries to tell Nikki Bella that it’s not about her, but Nikki says as long as Charlotte has the title, it is about her. Nikki says she agreed with most of the stuff Paige said, but she doesn’t agree with the idea that Paige started the Divas Revolution. Nikki claims she’s the one who started the Divas Revolution.


Charlotte says it’s not about who started the Divas Revolution, it’s about the people in the crowd, at home and the Divas believing in themselves.

Paige interrupts both factions.

Paige tells Nikki Bella that Charlotte and Becky Lynch wouldn’t be on TV if it wasn’t for her. Paige says she’s the one who put NXT on the map. Nikki calls out Paige for being petty and tries to get Team PCB to attack Paige. Nikki says, when you have friends like Paige, who needs enemies. Paige retorts with if you have two boyfriends like The Bellas, who needs ambition.

A brawl breaks out and we have another six Person tag.

During the match, Paige accidentally gets knocked off the apron.

Paige walks away from Team PCB, but Natalya tries to stop her. Natalya gets on the apron and tries to be Charlotte and Becky Lynch’s partner.

The Bellas take advantage and win the match.

Backstage, Seth Rollins tries to convince Ashley from HR that Kane should be fired. Kane gives Seth Rollins a gift. After channeling his inner Brad Pitt/Robin Scherbatsky, Seth Rollins opens the box and finds….

Kane knew how much it meant to Seth Rollins, so he dug it up and got it for him. Rollins told Kane to keep it. Ashley from HR considers this thoughtful, so Kane decides to give the box to her.

Luke Harper and Braun Strowman vs. The Prime Time Players is next.

The Prime Time Players quickly lose the match.

Neville vs Stardust continued their rivalry.

Until King Barrett made his return.

King Barrett takes the mic and says, “All Hail The Return Of The King.”


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