So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (09/22/15)


Nikki is MexiCAN; Brie is MexiCAN’T?

The Divas (Nikki, Brie, Foxy, Nattie, Naomi and Paige) are going on a vacation to Tullum, Mexico. Nikki (and Brie) are half Mexican, half Italian. Nikki wants to get in touch with her roots, which includes learning how to say sexy stuff to John Cena in Spanish, much to the embarrassment of her Spanish teacher.


Nikki and Brie are the first to arrive in Mexico. They break in the mansion Divas style: they have a couple of drinks and take photos for Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, Brie reveals that their Dad unfollowed and blocked Brie on Instagram over prior disagreement. Nikki still has access and discovers that their Dad is expecting a baby boy! Nikki is trying to be positive for him but Brie cannot look past the negativity he’s caused her in their on and off relationship.

Nikki wants to go to the Mayan Ruins but Brie doesn’t want to; Brie wants to stay home and #BRIEMODE. Nikki thinks Brie is being difficult because their Mexican side comes from their father.

Brie talks to Daniel Bryan saying that Mexico has brought out Nikki’s inner Latina. When Brie tells Daniel about her father’s news, he’s sad that their father wasn’t able to tell Nikki and Brie about their upcoming brother. Daniel encourages Brie to bury the hatchet with her father, however.

Brie admits that she doesn’t want to go to the Mayan Ruins because it makes her think of her father. She wants to take a break from their but Nikki doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Time is short and Nikki doesn’t want Brie to regret anything.

Back at the mansion, Brie has a surprise for the rest of the Divas. She arranged for a traditional Mayan celebration dance, as a way of showing she’s embraced her Mexican heritage. Nikki is proud of her sister.

Two’s a Tag Team; Nattie’s a Crowd

Backstage, before Mexico, Nattie runs into Cesaro. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are not only tag team partners but also quickly becoming BFFs. Nattie is surprised at their bond. They have each other as their phone backgrounds, they have tights with each other’s faces on them. Nattie’s a little jealous.


While in Mexico, Nattie wants to take a sexy photos to remind Tyson Kidd of the things she has that Cesaro doesn’t: breasts.


During the Divas photoshoot, they take time to play in the pool, wrestle in the sand and splash in the ocean. This montage is set to the GREATEST WRESTLING MONTAGE SONG EVER, “Royal Rumble” by Afro Safari USA.

In classic Nattie fashion, the waves are too strong and she’s getting drowned in the waves and covered in seaweed. Plus Brie, the photographer, is too far into BrieMode; the pictures aren’t coming out as well as planned.

After the photo shoot, Nattie won’t stop talking about the bromance of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. She thinks she’s the 4th fiddle in her marriage (2Paws outranks her?).

Paige thinks that Nattie needs to stop talking about it, otherwise Nattie’s going to inadvertently start a rumor about Tyson Kidd’s sexuality (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

While hanging out, Nattie is talking about her favorite subject: Tyson and Cesaro Paige (jokingly) asks Nattie if she thinks that Tyson Kidd is gay. She calls him T-Gay, instead of TJ.

Nattie gets upset and decides to put Tyson on the phone with Paige directly. Paige asks Tyson whether he likes Cesaro. Of course Tyson likes Cesaro! Tyson then proceeds to praise Cesaro for his physical feats while on speakerphone: he can jerk 135 with one arm.

Tyson then proclaims that Cesaro is the “best he’s ever had.” Tyson’s referring to tag team partners, of course!

Everyone is in good spirits after the phone call. They all know that Tyson Kidd isn’t gay. It’s all in good fun. Paige reminds Nattie to maybe she should be careful with her words. It could give people the wrong idea.

Naomi and Alicia InstaClash

Backstage pre-Mexico, Jimmy Uso joins the Divas to watch Naomi’s match with Brie. While the Divas are talking about how cute Naomi’s outfit is, Jimmy thinks it is too revealing, especially when paired with Naomi’s new butt-centric offense.


In Mexico, Naomi is a little hesitant to wear her bikinis in front of the Total Divas cameras. She and Jimmy discussed her in-ring persona. Jimmy would prefer it if Naomi didn’t show the “whole shebang” in the ring. Naomi agrees to tone it back a little; that means she won’t take part in the sexy photo shoot with the other Divas.

At Paige’s honorary pre-bachelorette party, the Divas take turns dancing. There are a few attempts at twerking (Brie is the worst at it) but no one better than Naomi’s. She is so good, in fact, that Alicia posts video of Naomi’s twerk to Instagram, without Naomi’s permission.


Naomi’s upset at Alicia because she doesn’t want Jimmy Uso to see the video. Naomi’s already have a hard time embracing her bad girl persona. She’s been raising that personality to the next level, which includes sexier ring moves. Jimmy is having hard time with the changes while Naomi find her new balance.

At the end of the vacation, Naomi decides to embrace her sexiness and displays her awesome bikini.

Dusty Rhodes’ passing:

While on the ride to the Mayan Ruins, Nattie receives a text letting her know that Dusty Rhodes passed away.

Each of the Divas is immediately grief stricken. Nattie explains that Dusty was a father figure to everyone. He helped all of Total Divas grow. Brie refers to him as “Daddy.”

Paige finds it hard to talk about Dusty. Dusty stood up for her when she just joined the WWE. Other people wanted Paige to change her hair and wear bright colors; Dusty said no and called Paige his “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” his “Princess.”

Nattie starts crying. She explains that Dusty stood up for Tyson Kidd when no one thought that he could be a star.

They agree that Dusty would want them to have a good time at the Mayan Ruins. The Divas are even more affected by the trip. Their time together is short and they now share this moment together forever.


In Mexico, Paige reveals to the other Divas her big announcement from last weeks’ Total Divas: She got engaged to Kevin!


Everyone is happy for her, although Alicia Fox is skeptical. She’s surprised that her best friend is engaged when Paige said the she wasn’t ready for marriage the last time they spoke about it. Alicia just wants to make sure that Paige isn’t being pressured into marrying Kevin. Paige tells Foxy that she does want to marry Kevin and it’s a very grown-up decision.

Meanwhile, the other Divas go into #BRIDEMODE.

Their first night out is dedicated to Paige’s upcoming nuptials or as Brie puts it, “here’s to having only one penis for the rest of your life.”

The Divas find a store selling wedding veils. They pick out a veil for Paige and she calls it her “wedding cage.”


The Divas keep asking Paige about wedding details she hasn’t thought of: what kind of dress is she going to wear, where will the wedding take place, when will the wedding take place, what is the theme… All of this is making the whole engagement too real for Paige.

The Divas, still in BRIDEMODE, divvy up wedding assignments: Naomi is in charge of the first dance, Nattie is in charge of flowers, Brie is in charge of the bridal shower… it’s all too much for Paige. She steps away.

Alicia Fox joins Paige to see if she’s okay. Paige confesses that she lied to Alicia earlier. She does not want to get married. Paige got engaged to Kevin because she does love him and doesn’t want to lose him.

So That Happened:

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