So That Happened: #RAW Season Premiere Recap (09/14/15)


Since this RAW Recap has come out much later than expected, we are going to try and go through this RAW as quickly as possible, to get you prepared for Night Of Champions.

RAW began with The Authority, who announced that Sting was wrestling on RAW for the first time ever!

His opponent? Big Show.

After The Authority ran through announcements, they introduced The New Day and couldn’t help but feel the power of Positivity.

Even Triple H!

During their Tag Team Title Defense against The Prime Time Players, The New Day continued their hilarious antics, like Xaver Woods playing the Pink Panther theme song.

The antics worked as The New Day was victorious and will now face The Dudley Boyz at Night Of Champions.

Backstage, The Authority and Seth Rollins continue to make plans to make life easier for Rollins. Sting is still facing Big Show, while Rollins other Night Of Champions opponent, John Cena, will face #ScumbagSheamus, the person threatening to cash in his Money In The Bank on Cena this Sunday.

Before we get back to wrestling, Renee Young speaks with Charlotte and Ric Flair about Charlotte’s Divas Title Match tonight. Flair could not be more proud of his daughter Charlotte and thinks she will become WWE Divas Champion tonight. The Flair Family ends their convo with Renee Young with a synchronized WOOOs.

Paige (accompanied by Becky Lynch) is up next.

Her opponent? Her rival Sasha Banks!

Despite Paige’s best efforts…

The Boss defeats her again in the middle of the ring, forcing Paige to tap out!


The Wyatt Family is up next on MizTV.

Bray Wyatt continues his cryptic scare tactics, taunting Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose until Ambreigns shows up.

Dean Ambrose tosses The Miz out of his own show. Then, Roman Reigns lets The Wyatt Family know that their days are numbered, because Ambreigns has found a partner to team with them at Night Of Champions. Reigns vows that this Sunday at Night Of Champions, Team Ambreigns and Friend are ready to go to war.


Next up, we have a throwback from 2009 with John Cena facing #ScumbagSheamus.

The match was pretty competitive, but there can only be one winner…


Up next, Ryback decided to let everyone see his terrible Elvis impression. Thankfully, Kevin Owens came out to stop Ryback before he could go any further. Kevin Owens mocks the Ryback for reading The Secret and using it as his life motto.


Ryback and Kevin Owens awkwardly exchange words, but agree to face each other at Night Of Champions for Ryback’s Intercontinental Championship.

Neville and The Lucha Dragons were scheduled to face Stardust and The Ascension.

But all they did was brawl with each other, so the match never got started.


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