So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (07/28/15)


The Bella Twins are hanging out with their Mom Kathy and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan quizzes Nikki Bella on her Math skills. Nikki Bella does okay until she gets 13 + 17 wrong.

Brie Bella reveals that Daniel can’t believe that Brie actually has to count the hours of sleep she gets on her fingers.

Paige and Alicia Fox are at the beach, talking about Paige temporarily moving in with Alicia. Alicia jokes about having sleepovers, then jokes that maybe Kevin can come over.

Paige starts talking about her new boyfriend, Kevin Skaff, who is the lead guitarist for A Day To The Remember. Alicia says no sex in her house, but Paige insists that Kevin is good with his fingers.

The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan are having dinner. Brie notices a child and the conversation of children starts up again. Nikki says she will be left in the dust being unmarried and not having kids. Nikki says John Cena will feel guilty and take them on trips all the time. Bryan jokes that Nikki will be alone.


Daniel Bryan says Nikki Bella is too selfish to have a baby. Bryan toasts to Nikki Bella never having babies. Nikki says she loves Daniel and his jokes, but sometimes Bryan takes it a little too far.

Daniel Bryan goes to blow his nose, but Nikki Bella tells him he’s leaving because he feels bad. Bryan says he doesn’t feel bad, and jokingly calls Nikki Bella a failure.

Meanwhile, Natalya tells Tyson Kidd that she got off the phone with Sandy from Rebel’s Rescue, an animal rescue center. Sandy informs Natalya that they need a place to house cats and Natalya volunteered to bring over a few cats. Natalya’s plan is to find them homes.

Sandy from Rebel’s Rescue comes in and brings in 18 cats.


After Sandy leaves, Tyson Kidd lets Natalya know that this is a little too extreme. Natalya says they’ve already committed, but Tyson never committed. Tyson and Nattie get into an argument about Natalya never saying “No.” One of the 18 cats escapes through the screen door.

At the Self Help Festival, Paige is hanging out with her new boyfriend, Kevin Skaff. While at the concert, Paige and Kevin get bombarded by fans, but mostly Paige. Paige jokes that they’re the Brangelina of the music world.

Later, Paige burps, which Kevin finds cute. Paige jokes that they’re already in love. Paige loves this relationship and is finally happy.


Later, Paige chops her friend Bing at the festival.

Back at Natalya and Tyson’s house, Nattie’s Mom Ellie and her Father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart come by to visit. Natalya lets them know about the cat escaping. Ellie thinks Nattie should replace the cat and no one would notice. Natalya says she’s going to find the cat, but The Anvil doesn’t think so. Natalya wants her parents to watch that cats when they’re away, but her parents don’t seem too interested. Nattie insists the cats need love, before snapping on the cats herself.

Back at Brie and Bryan’s house, Nikki Bella is getting ready when she finds out all of her clothes are missing from the closet. Nikki asks what happened to her clothes, but Brie lets Nikki know that Bryan moved all of her clothes in a bar. Bryan’s reasoning was that since Nikki is living like an animal, he’s going to move her stuff to the barn like an animal.


Nikki Bella goes outside in her towel and sees her clothes in the barn. Nikki calls Brie and Bryan rude, then talks about how expensive her clothes are. Nikki is upset that Brie thinks it’s funny and plays along with Bryan’s pranks.

The next day at catering, Paige is hanging out with Kevin. Paige reveals that Kevin asked her to move in with him, since she spends all of her time there anyway. Paige wants to do it, but has to let Alicia Fox know that she is moving in with Kevin instead of Fox.

After Alicia Fox and Naomi sit down with Paige and Kevin, the conversation switches to the infamous “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” catchphrase by Marshawn Lynch. Naomi explains the catchphrase to Paige and Alicia Fox, who don’t get it. Paige asks Naomi to say it again, and she does, as they all do a fake laugh.

After taking their first “fridge photo” Paige wonders how she is going to tell Alicia Fox about the fact that she’s not moving in with her anymore. Paige quickly lets Fox know she’s not moving in then runs off, saying “You can’t shout across catering.”

After Alicia Fox catches up with Paige, Paige lets Alicia know that she’s moving in with Kevin. Alicia doesn’t like this idea since she and Kevin haven’t been together that long, but knows she can’t stop Paige. After Paige and Kevin leave, Naomi asks Alicia if she’s okay. Alicia says she wasn’t a fan of roommates anyway.

Later, The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan are getting makeup done. Bryan laughs as Nikki Bella accidentally bangs her head on the wall. Nikki says Bryan hates her, then confronts Bryan on moving her clothes to the bar. Bryan says he did it since Nikki took up so much closet space. The makeup tell Bryan and Nikki to not bring negativity to the makeup department.


Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella get into a debate over their relationship. Bryan says Nikki does things to rile her up like insisting on that she helps the planet. Bryan calls Nikki out on consuming more stuff than anyone knows, but Nikki defends herself. Bryan calls Nikki out on being concerned, but still buying products made from animals. Bryan leaves before things get worse.

Later at Alicia Fox’s new house, Paige and Kevin Skaff show up at Alicia’s housewarming party. Alicia makes a toast, calling out Paige and Kevin, thanking Kevin for allowing her to have her place to herself.


Later in the evening, Alicia brings up Paige’s ex, Bradley, saying she dates the same kind of boys. Paige pulls Kevin aside and apologizes for Alicia’s actions.

The next day at the Smackdown/Main Even taping, Natalya asks Tyson Kidd if Adam Rose, Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil can ride with them since their car had issues. Tyson gets ready to say “No” but Natalya already told them yes. Adam Rose thanks Tyson Kidd for the ride. Tyson is not happy.

The Bella Twins, Jimmy Uso and Naomi, Tyson Kidd, Natalya, Heath Slater, Adam Rose and Titus O’Neil, Paige, Alicia Fox and Emma get ready for their respective road trips.

The Road Trips:

Tyson Kidd, Natalya, Heath Slater, Adam Rose and Titus O’Neil start their road trip. Titus is farting in the car making everyone uncomfortable. Natalya tries to start conversation, but it doesn’t work. Titus O’Neil switches the conversation to virginities and asks Tyson Kidd when he lost his virginity. Heath Slater jokes he lost his virginity at 11.

Natalya doesn’t want to talk about it but Tyson reveals he lost his virginity late to Natalya. Titus O’Neil continues to make jokes about their virginity.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi have are having a good time, making jokes in their car. Naomi tells Jimmy that she loves him to the moon. Jimmy jokes that he loves her till they reach the STOP sign. Naomi and Jimmy get into a light argument about it, since Naomi thinks there’s truth to every joke. Jimmy defends his joke saying his love is better because you can make it to the stop sign, but Naomi can’t make it to the moon.

Paige, Alicia Fox and Emma’s car ride starts off light-hearted and playful. The conversation quickly switches to pregnancy and Emma’s “virginity,” until Paige brings up Kevin.

Alicia makes fun of Paige’s dating life until Paige confronts Alicia on comparing Kevin to Bradley. Paige defends Kevin until Alicia reminds Paige of how much she fell for Bradley and tells her that when they break up, it’s going to be much harder.

Paige tells Alicia Fox that she’s finally happy and Alicia Fox is pissing her off. Paige calls Naomi and asks if she can get a ride with them. Alicia Fox refuses to pull over, until Paige screams at her to pull over. Alicia Fox and Paige continue to argue until Emma asks why they asked her to come if they were just going to fight.


At the Gas Station, Paige and Alicia Fox continue to argue, while Emma looks concerned while Jmmy Uso films the whole thing. Alicia calls Paige Casper, while Paige tells Alicia Fox to have fun being lonely.

Paige explains her argument with Alicia Fox to Naomi and Jimmy Uso. Naomi lets Paige know that Alicia has some right to be upset due to the way Paige addressed how she wasn’t moving in with her. Naomi thinks they were both in the wrong and need to apologize.

Later at a different gas station, Natalya asks Tyson Kidd if he’s okay with what came up in the car. Tyson insists he’s fine, but Nattie doesn’t believe him.

In The Bellas car, The Bella Twins are talking but the conversation keeps switching to Daniel Bryan. Nikki reveals that she thinks Bryan hates her because she thinks he’s materialistic and put her clothes in a barn. Brie defends Bryan, saying he’s just joking around.

Nikki Bella tells Brie that she thinks Bryan thinks she’s dumb, then reminds her of a Brain Teaser that Bryan gave her. Brie wants to call Bryan, but Nikki doesn’t want her to call. Brie says you call to check in when you’re married, which Nikki takes offense to.

Brie Bella calls Daniel Bryan to settle this once and for all. After talking about Nikki Bella failing the brain teaser, Brie asks Bryan to tell Nikki that she doesn’t hate him. Bryan jokes Nikki is family and that he c an still love her and still dislike her at the same time. Bryan says he enjoys giving her crap, but Nikki wants Bryan to stop with the jokes.

Daniel Bryan says he loves Nikki, but if the jokes upset her, he’s going to stop making fun of her, even though that’s how he shows his affection.


Natalya tells Tyson Kidd to stop at a restaurant to go see Heath Slater’s friend. It turns out Heath has brought the guys to a strip club. Tyson is upset about being at a strip club, then leaves. Natalya is concerned at why Tyson Kidd is so upset.

Despite Tyson Kidd’s anger, Natalya goes back inside then gets forced into a lap dance by Titus O’Neil, Adam Rose and Heath Slater.

In the car, Natalya apologizes to Tyson Kidd and promises to make it up to him tonight.

Later, Brie Bella tells Nikki that it’s not fair that she thinks Bryan has to change because Nikki is uncomfortable. Brie reminds Nikki of the time Bryan sent Nikki a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day because she didn’t have a valentine. Nikki remembers that and realizes Bryan doesn’t hate her after all.

In the hotel lobby, Paige and Alicia Fox briefly argue again.

The next day, Natalya gets a call from her Mom, Ellie in the hotel about the cats. Tyson reminds Natalya about the cat situation and her always saying “Yes” to things. Tyson says that her saying Yes is affecting Natalya’s happiness and Tyson’s happiness. Natalya agrees with Tyson. Natalya asks Tyson to greet her like she greets him. Tyson does it, then Natalya does a fun imitation of Tyson Kidd, saying he wants to make out with Cesaro.

Backstage, Naomi asks Alicia Fox about the situation with Paige. Naomi lets Alicia Fox know that both she and Paige handled the situation wrong. Alicia says she will think about it.

Naomi asks Alicia Fox about her love life, then Bad News Barrett shows up on the TV. Alicia tries to cover Barrett up on the TV with paper.

Backstage, Alicia Fox scares Paige, then before the two have a talk, Bad News Barrett greets Paige and Alicia Fox, then hugs her. Alicia finally reveals to Paige that she thinks she loves Bad News Barrett. Both Paige and Alicia Fox realize that this is the reason Alicia has been so aggressive towards Paige and Kevin. After realizing this, Paige and Alicia Fox quickly make up.

So That Happened:

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