So That Happened: #RAW Recap (07/27/15)


RAW begins with The Authority, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins

Triple H welcomes the WWE Universe to RAW then announces that this year’s Summerslam will be bigger than ever and monumental. Triple H announces that for the first time ever, Summerslam will be a 4-Hour Monumental Event. Stephanie McMahon announces that the Main Event of Summerslam will be a match 17 months in the making, The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar.

Triple H vows that tonight’s RAW will be epic as well because it’s a tonight of first. Triple H announces Big Show vs. Dean Ambrose. Stephanie McMahon announces Paige vs. Sasha Banks.

Triple H adds on Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton and Stephanie adds The Bella Twins vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Seth Rollins says The Authority is hyping him up for RAW, then says speaking of night of firsts, he reminds everyone that he beat Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania in the same night. Rollins reminds the WWE Universe that he walked out as Champion against Brock Lesnar as well. Rollins wants the WWE Universe to stand up and acknowledge that he might go down as the greatest WWE Champion of All Time.

Seth Rollins is interrupted by John Cena.

John Cena calls Seth Rollins an arrogant jackass. Cena disagrees that Rollins is one of the greatest ever and thinks Rollins is a joke.

John Cena says on a night like tonight, they should find out the truth. Cena calls Rollins a coward for running last week, then directs his attention to The Authority. Cena says since tonight is a night of first time ever, and tonight, for the first time ever, the WWE Universe needs to see if Seth Rollins can become a man. Cena wants Seth Rollins vs. John Cena tonight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, since it’s Best For Business.

Seth Rollins tells John Cena to do everyone a favor and shut the hell up for the first time ever. Rollins says this isn’t the U.S. Championship, this is thE WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth Rollins tries to tell Cena that he needs to earn his opportunity, but Stephanie McMahon interrupts and says she should put it up to the WWE Universe. Stephanie asks the WWE Universe if they want to see Seth Rollins vs John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After a loud “YES” chant, Stephanie McMahon says for the first time ever, she says “NOOOOOO.” Stephanie McMahon says No to Cena, the WWE Universe and everyone around the world. Stephanie McMahon says Cena has to earn a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Triple H says he gets that, but he thinks he can speak for everyone here when he says no one wants to see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship defended on RAW.

Triple H makes John Cena vs. Seth Rollins tonight for Cena’ United States Championship.


Next Week: The Stone Cold Podcast with Paige:

Match 01: Dean Ambrose vs. Big Show

The Miz is on commentary:

Big Show rips Dean Ambrose’s shirt.


Big Show continues to manhandle Dean Ambrose.

Big Show counters Dean Ambrose’s chokeslam with a DDT.

Big Show chokeslams Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose makes it back in the before the 10 Count.

Dean Ambrose dives at Big Show but gets hit with a Knock Out Punch.

Dean Ambrose manages to stand up.

Dean Ambrose doesn’t make it back into the ring.

Winner: Big Show

Post-Match, Big Show tries to smash Dean Ambrose through the barricade, but Ambrose moves out of the way.

Match 02: Fandango vs. Neville


Neville comes out next.

Fandango does a Gory Stretch to Neville.

Neville manages to win with the Red Arrow.

Winner: Neville

Post-Match, Stardust gives Neville a weird drumroll introduction, then hypes him saving the day. Stardust tells Neville that’s the problem with the world today. Everyone wants a feel good story and a story filled with super heroes, who wine and dine with kings and queens and even Green Hooded Heroes. Stardust rips up a Green Arrow comic book.

Stardust says no one wants to embrace the strange, that rises in the stars, but Stardust vows to rescue the WWE Universe. Stardust says that he is here to save everyone from the overbearing, overprotective do-gooders. Stardust says there is nothing Neville can do to stop him. Stardust laughs then tells Neville to be his hero.

Backstage: Paige tells Charlotte and Becky Lynch that the WWE Universe loves them and can’t get enough of it. Paige loves the Divas Revolution, then says “Viva The Divas Revolution”

Team B.A.D. interrupts. Sasha Banks says that Stephanie McMahon is the one that made this happen. Naomi says the revolution is all about Team B.A.D., Beautiful And Dangerous. Naomi says Sasha Banks will dominate tonight. Paige says that they’re not taking credit and if anyone is dominating, it’s them. Charlotte Woos them.

Sasha Banks mocks Charlotte calling her Daddy’s Little Girl, then tells Paige that she is NXT Women’s Champion. Paige reminds Sasha Banks that she was also first NXT Women’s Champion, and the only thing better than that is being the first NXT Women’s Champion and a two time Divas Champion. The argument continues until Becky Lynch gets involved and says Sasha’s attitude is exactly what the Divas Revolution is not about. Tamina gets up and tries to get in Becky Lynch’s face, but Naomi calms her down and leaves, warning Paige, Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Charlotte says if Team B.A.D, gets involved, it’s going to get ugly. Paige says it’s already gotten ugly.

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