So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (02/15/15)


The Three Amigas are hanging out in catering when Renee Young walks in. Alicia Fox jokingly asks Renee what is she doing here. Renee says she’s eating a taco.

After Rosa Mendes imitates Alicia Fox’s run, and makes Renee uncomfortable with her boobs. Alicia decides to have fun and underneath a table to scare people. Alicia scares Emma, Summer Rae, Titus O’Neil, Mark Coranno, and Natalya. Natalya apologizes to Alicia then says that scared her.


Natalya is spending time with her Father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Natalya starts to talk about her Dad’s addiction problems, saying he’s there but not there. The Anvil watches Natalya and Charlotte, being extremely proud of Nattie.

At Smackdown, Cameron shows up with a fur coat. Paige says it looks expensive but not in a prostitute way.

Mark Carrano talks to the Divas about the European tour, making sure everyone has their passports. The Bella Twins are excited because they get to be on the MTV Awards.

Nikki Bella talks about Brie Mode. Paige wants to see Brie Mode one time in England. Brie Bella starts talks about Brie Mode, but Nikki Bella says there won’t be any Brie Mode due to the grueling tour schedule. Paige calls Brie Mode a myth, but Brie calls Brie Mode a Legend.

At RAW, Brie Bella is talking about a shirt she got in Milan with the Divas and her gray hairs. Brie mentions her gray pubic hair, which Alicia Fox also has.

After talking about hair, Natalya mentions she saw Bad News Barrett here. Alicia Fox is upset because she doesn’t want to see Bad News Barrett. Alicia and Bad News Barrett had been dating for two years and thought he was the one, but she Barrett broke up with her. Alicia Fox is happy that she hadn’t have to see Barrett for months due to his injury, but now he’s back.

At RAW in the UK, Paige is happy to be back in her hometown of England.

Later, Natalya is on the phone with Bob, who is trying to help her Father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart with his addiction disease. Natalya feels she has to step in or else something bad will happen. Natalya vents to Brie Bella about The Anvil’s problems, and decides to confront his Dad about his problems since he won’t listen.

In Las Vegas, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes are going to hang out. Fox is happy to not be on the European Tour for the first week.

The Bella Twins present the Best Female Award with David Hasselhoff at the European Music Awards.

At Rosa Mendes’ house, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes plan to have a Girls Night Out.

Rosa Mendes wants Alicia Fox to meet guys. Alicia says she’s dating, but Rosa says she needs to meet better guys. Alicia tries not to talk about it, but Rosa Mendes brings up her relationship with Bad News Barrett, saying Alicia needs to get over it eventually.

Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes get into an argument over Bad News Barrett. Rosa says she’s trying to help Alicia, but Alicia doesn’t want to hear it. Alicia tells Rosa “F*ck You.”

At a club in England, The Bella Twins and Paige are having shots.

After some shots, Nikki Bella says she wants to go. Nikki implores Brie to go to bed soon too. Nikki tells Paige to make sure Brie goes back in a half hour.

As soon as Nikki Bella leaves, Paige orders more shots for her and Brie Bella. Brie Bella and Paige keep taking multiple shots.


Paige and Brie Bella continue their binge, going to a different bar, drinking as Brie runs all over the bar, doing cartwheels, calling herself a rockstar and even throws a drink in Paige’s face.

Brie Bella ends up falling while on the bar.

Paige and Brie Bella drunk dial Nikki Bella, who is not happy to deal with a drunk Brie, was supposed to be in bed already. Nikki quickly rushes off the phone with Brie and Paige as they get back to the hotel.


As Brie Bella and Paige get to the hotel, Brie trips over her shoe. Brie questions how she lost her shoe and she and Paige make a song about it.


Later, Alicia Fox goes into Rosa Mendes room and talks to her about what happened the night before. Alicia understands what Rosa was trying to do, but still can’t get over Bad News Barrett. Alicia Fox vents to Rosa Mendes about how hurt she was by Bad News Barrett. Alicia never got an answer as to why they broke up.

Later, Nikki Bella knocks on Brie Bella’s hotel room door, but there’s no answer. Nikki calls Paige to find out if Brie is with her, but Brie isn’t with her.

Nikki Bella goes to Concierge to try and get her to open the door since The Bella Twins agreed to work out before RAW. Concierge lets Nikki Bella in.

Nikki Bella wakes Brie Bella up and scolds her for staying out late and drinking.

After forcing Brie Bella out of bed, Brie throws up on Nikki Bella.


Nikki Bella is pissed that Brie Bella threw up on her and insults her the whole time while Brie Bella throws up.

Later, Alicia Fox joins the tour and goes on a Beatles sight-seeing tour with Cameron and Natalya.

While there, Cameron sees a gate that no one’s supposed to climb and decides to climb it and twerk on it.

Later on the bus, Alicia Fox vents about her problems with Bad News Barrett. Cameron and Natalya tell Alicia that she’s going to have to confront Bad News Barrett eventually, which Alicia reluctantly agrees with.

Backstage at RAW, Brie Bella vents to Paige about Nikki Bella being upset with her from their night out. Paige understands why Nikki was upset, but loved seeing Brie Mode in person.

Brie and Paige run into Nikki Bella, who tells her that she needs to be on her A Game for tonight’s match because if she isn’t, it might hurt the Bella Brand.

Later in the night, Brie Bella has a good match with AJ Lee. After the match, Nikki commends Brie for being able to wrestle hungover. Brie insists she wasn’t hungover, but Nikki reminds her that she puked on her boobs.


The next day, the Total Divas are all meeting for brunch. Shortly after Natalya arrives, she bursts into tears. Earlier in the day, Natalya got a call from her Mom that her Father was in the hospital and almost died. The Total Divas try and console Natalya, but Natalya just wants to eat something and not talk about it.

Natalya has a Meet And Greet with her fans, who she calls “Team Nattie.” As Natalya meets with fans, the fans ask her about her husband Tyson Kidd and her Father, Jim Neidhart.

After the Meet and Greet, Natalya wants to talk with Tyson Kidd. Natalya asks Tyson to put things aside between the two of them and help save her Father’s life. Natalya wants Tyson to talk to him, because she doesn’t listen to him. Tyson has no problem with helping Natalya out with this situation. Natalya is happy that Tyson is here for her during this rough time.

At Catering, Paige and Alicia Fox are eating when Bad News Barrett shows up. Alicia Fox is fed up and thinks it’s time to talk to him.

Alicia Fox rushes to the bathroom and Paige follows her. Alica feels like she’s going to be sick, but Paige wants her to confront Bad News Barrett. Alicia says she just needs to “puke then go.”

Paige and Alicia Fox run into Bad News Barrett. Alicia quickly runs away, but Paige calls her out. Alicia Fox eventually ends up going to talk to Bad News Barrett.


After awkward greeting, Alicia Fox and Bad News Barrett finally start talking. Alicia says she feels like Bad News Barrett broke her heart and she doesn’t want to look at him.

Bad News Barrett says the last thing he wants to do is come to work and make her upset. Barrett says if there’s anything he can do to make things easier for her, he will.

Alicia Fox asks Bad News Barrett why he broke up with her and Barrett lets her know that he didn’t see him spending the rest of his life with her. As painful as it was for Alicia Fox to hear it, she’s happy to hear it because now she can move on.

Alicia Fox and Bad News Barrett hug it out.

Back at Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s house, Natalya invites Jim Neidhart over the house.

The Anvil takes a tour of the house. After the tour, Jim Neidhart and Tyson Kidd get into the hot tub while Natalya stands outside of it.

Natalya starts to talk about getting The Anvil back on track with the Hall Of Fame and his future. Natalya tries to talk about getting him back on track, but The Anvil is not listening.

Natalya gets a phone call from former WWE Superstar, Dan Spivey and talk to him before he gets over here. While on the phone, Natalya catches Tyson Kidd and Jim Neidhart talking and opening up.

Natalya and Dan Spivey walk into the house. Spivey starts to talk about the rehabilitation center and wants Jim Neidhart to go with him right now. Neidhart is concerned, but finds out that WWE is paying for this. Neidhart agrees to go to the rehab center.

So That Happened:

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