So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (01/11/15)


Total Divas begins with Paige and Big E doing a Chest Bump.

Paige starts to compare her chest to Big E’s.

Paige starts playing with Big E’s chest.

In California, Cameron and Eva Marie are going to see Nikki Bella’s fertility doctor, Dr. Frederick. Eva reveals Jonathan wants to have a “whole football team,” but Eva thinks she might not be able to have kids. Eva meets with Dr. Frederick.

Eva Marie tells Dr. Frederick that she doesn’t want to have kids, but Cameron doesn’t believe it. Dr. Frederick is going to run tests on her uterus and make sure everything is good.

The Bella Twins meet with Joe Hickey, Manager of Talent Merchandise to go over new merch for The Bella Twins. Brie and Nikki are still not talking to each other.

As they’re going through their merchandise, Nikki drops hints about liking the B’s separate, then gets the merchandise people involved, asking if they would do what Brie did.


The Bella Twins almost get into an argument, but they end up meeting Rev. Jesse Jackson.

After meeting the Reverend, Brie Bella talks to Nikki Bella about her unprofessionalism. Nikki thinks she was being professional, but Brie walks away from her.

We are introduced to Alicia Fox, who plays around with Paige backstage in a cart. Alicia introduces herself as being in the WWE for 9 Years and the first African American Divas Champion.

Backstage, Alicia Fox and Paige dance.

Rosa Mendes has a match with Layla and Summer Rae, but during the match, her butt is revealed.

Backstage, Rosa Mendes finds out from Layla, Paige and Alicia Fox how bad the Wardrobe Malfunction really was. Rosa didn’t know she showed her bare butt on TV.


Later, Cameron and Eva Marie have dinner, talking about how great California is. The subject switches to kids, and Eva Marie reveals she doesn’t want to have children at all. Eva doesn’t want to be pregnant due to the medical processes due to her careers and weight gain. Eva is totally okay with being an Aunt.

Eva Marie reveals to Cameron that she never told Jonathan that she doesn’t want kids. Cameron thinks it’s horrible. Eva starts to tear up and worry how Jonathan will react.


The next day, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox are at the gym, when Rosa Mendes reveals how many followers she got from her wardrobe malfunction. Rosa Mendes wants to plan another Wardrobe Malfunction with Alicia Fox. Alicia Fox thinks Rosa is crazy.

At RAW, Naomi tells Alicia Fox about Vince McMahon seeing her at the hotel in a onesie, looking like a hot mess.

Brie Bella walks up as Alicia Fox and Naomi greet her. Naomi and Alicia Fox joke about her kicking Nikki Bella’s butt tonight, when Nikki walks by and ignores Brie. Once Brie Bella says Nikki Bella is upset about their fight, Nikki responds angrily, calling Brie a “backstabbing bitch.”

Nikki Bella has a match with Naomi.

Backstage, Brie Bella and John Cena have a conversation. Cena gives Brie 2 minutes to talk. Brie tries to talk to Cena to get Nikki to talk to her again, but Cena puts Brie in Nikki’s shoes. Brie claims she would react differently, but Cena calls her out on it. John Cena advises Brie Bella to give Nikki Bella space.

Later that night, Rosa Mendes wrestles around with Alicia Fox trying to plan her next wardrobe malfunction. She realizes it’s not going to work, but is having a great time with Alicia Fox.

Rosa Mendes reveals that she wishes more people backstage liked her and thinks they all stopped liking her after she stopped drinking. Alicia tells Rosa to not worry about what anyone else thinks and to make a strong foundation for herself. Rosa just wants everyone to like her.

Eva Marie and Jonathan are kissing and are in bed. Jonathan brings up babies and says if she can’t have kids of her own, they could always adopt children. Jonathan prays that he and Eva Marie can have “miracle babies.”

The next day, Brie Bella visits her Mom Kathy and her brother, JJ. Brie vents about how emotionally draining it is to deal with Nikki on the road.

Brie Bella wants to have a glass of red wine and “splooge” with Nikki Bella. The Bella Family makes fun of Brie saying splooge instead of splurge.

Kathy Bella calls Nikki Bella and tries to talk to her on speaker, while Brie and JJ listen. Nikki Bella defends herself, saying she doesn’t want to talk to Brie and JJ right now. Kathy tries to get Nikki to talk to her family, but it doesn’t help. Nikki asks if Kathy is with anyone and Kathy lies, saying she’s not with anybody.

Dr. Frederick tells Eva Marie that her tests came back and that Eva has extra tissue. Dr. Frederick can fix the problem and lets Eva know that she has good eggs and that she will be able to have children. can fix Eva Marie’s problem by removing the extra tissue that’s not supposed to be there.

Later at WWE TV, Paige continues to be awesome.

Backstage, Mark Carrano calls Rosa Mendes over and tells her that he knows about the plan of her planning a Wardrobe Malfunction. Rosa tries to claim she was joking around about it, but Carrano doesn’t believe her. Carrano tells Rosa if she tries to do things like this, she won’t be a Diva anymore.

Mark Carrano scolds Rosa Mendes, telling her not to be focused on followers and the Divas locker room and to focus on her career. Carrano is pissed because he believes Rosa is trying to pull a fast one on her.

After her talk with Mark Carrano, Rosa Mendes goes to find Alicia Fox.


Later, Rosa Mendes finds Alicia Fox backstage, and goes off on her, saying she was the only person who knew and calls her out on not being her friend. Alicia Fox reveals she was talking with the Divas and not Mark Carrano. Rosa tells Alicia not to trust the other Divas, because they don’t like her and want her fired. Alicia tells Rosa that she can trust her and that unlike everyone else, Alicia is her friend.

The next day, John Cena talks to Nikki Bella about Nikki’s Family Dinner tonight, but Nikki says she doesn’t want to go because of the Bella Family drama. Cena calls Nikki out on missing something she was really looking forward to all over some family drama. Cena calls Nikki a “poop” and Nikki eventually decides to go.

Meanwhile, Eva Marie tells Jonathan the good news that she can have kids, but then reveals she doesn’t want kids. Jonathan wonders why she doesn’t want to have kids and Eva claims she has no maternal instinct.


Jonathan says he thought Eva Marie wanted to have children and she was all about family. Eva Marie claims she’s into family, but she doesn’t really want to have kids. Jonathan thinks Eva’s been lying to him the entire time. Jonathan says Eva allowed him to get into something that was a lie.

Jonathan walks away because he’s so mad and doesn’t want to work out with her.

At the Bella Family Party, Nikki Bella is happy to see the cousins, but continues to ignore Brie Bella. Brie is upset that although she apologized, Nikki still won’t talk to her. While all of this is happening, Daniel Bryan is wearing the best hat ever.

While at the party, Brie Bella confronts Nikki again, saying that she made a mistake and apologizes for almost losing the number one thing in her life. Brie says she will never do this again. Nikki tells Brie that she will eventually forgive her, but this is going to take her time to get over.


Later at the gym, Eva Marie apologizes to Jonathan about not telling him sooner about children. Jonathan says he would’ve married Eva Marie anyway, but he took the opportunity away from him to choose. Eva admits she’s scared and starts to cry.

Jonathan tells Eva Marie that he has faith in her to be a Mother, but thinks her head is not there yet. Jonathan thinks if Eva wants to have kids, she will decide when the time is ready. Jonathan calls Eva Marie the best wife ever and the best future Mom ever.

So That Happened:

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