.@11:05 – #TagMeADate

In @11:05, 3MBooth and the 3MBoothiverse has fun with a wrestling hashtag

Earlier this week, “Tag Me A Date,” a dating site for pro-wrestling fans to meet other pro wrestling fans, was announced. While the site takes a page from specific dating sites like ChristianMingle (No, not a place for Christian to date wrestling fans) or FarmersOnly (No. Not a place for Hilbilly Jim and The Godwinns to meet a lady who ISN’T Sunny), it was met with a mixed reaction from actual pro wrestling fans.

But after the mixed reaction, wrestling fans imaginations started to run wild with the idea of an all-wrestling dating site.

Some fans even gave the site a little Q & A advice.

Which leads us to our newest feature on the site…


Tag Me A Date’s Dating Profiles allow you to create pro-wrestling name (Username) and take it from this got us thinking…What WOULD be a good Username for a pro-wrestling dating site? Which led us to create the hashtag #TagMeADateUsernames.

This is a totally original, and not @midnight-esque thing (Please don’t sue)*

Here are some of the best Tag Me a Date Usernames created by YOU, the Twitterverse! Let’s get started.


Usenames With The Word Bae:

candiceleraespitCourtesy of wrestlinggiffer

Usernames Based Off Wrestlers:

nakamuraposeCourtesy of hbshizzle



Usernames Based Off Moves And Catchphrases:

armbarCourtesy of fyeahwrasslin


Thoughts on Date A Wrestler?

In all seriousness, we think Tag Me A Date is a great idea. Meeting someone over wrestling means you have one thing in common. It might be the only thing but it probably isn’t. Even if your first pairing doesn’t work out, you should give it one.more.match.


After all, every Macho Man deserves to find their Miss Elisabeth.

3MB_WWE_SavageElizabethWM7Courtesy of wwe.com
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