Snapshots: To Have and To Headlock

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Every now and again, the WWE puts out a new poll just to entertain the WWE Universe. Usually, the vote is over the best Intercontinental Champion or which Superstars are underrated. Sometimes the polls are completely random like cheesiest entrance theme or flashiest ring attire. The current poll, “Which WWE Diva would you marry?” is a fun question in that latter category.


Between the WWE programming available on TV and the WWE Network and the reality series Total Divas, we are seeing more of the Divas than before. So who is the WWE Universe’s pick?



ajpaigehugCourtesy of WrasslorMonkey

That is not surprising. She’s the only Diva to hold the NXT Divas championship and the WWE Divas championship. She’s already a two-time champion with a hopefully bright future (Not too bright though; with her translucent complexion, a sunburn would be as brutal as one of her finishers)

ajpaige02Courtesy of somejamoke

What is surprising though is how low some of the other Divas are faring. Nikki Bella has more votes than Brie Bella?

nikkipose_KevCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

C’mon, fellas. That better be out of respect for the union of Brie and Daniel Bryan. The same better be true for Naomi. Her marriage to Jimmy Uso aside, Naomi is the Booth’s pick. She’s an amazing athlete who is, in our opinion, a future WWE Divas Champion. Plus, based on Total Divas, Naomi / Trinity is a complete professional both in and out of the ring.


It’s enough to make us question the validity of this entire poll! … except that Cameron is at 0%, which checks out. She is the only Diva to receive the honorary Boo This Man.

3MB_EOnline_Cameron_Ariane-EEEEECourtesy of eonline

Go on over to and have some fun with poll. Support your favorite Diva and what it would be like to be wedded to them. Honorable Mention: Emma.

emmatainingCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

Think of the dance party at the wedding reception! She has to be ranking pretty high, right?

titusoneil02Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

Sorry, Emma. At least we voted for you (After Naomi.)

7cb50-emmadance05Courtesy of wwegifs


UPDATE: We asked and you answered! 15,000 more votes in “Which WWE Divas would you most want to marry?” and we have a new Champion!

3MB_WWEPoll_UpdateAJ Lee has taken the title from Paige! That’s the second time this week!

aj1Courtesy of

Commence the AJ / Paige taunting!

ajtitlekissCourtesy of hiitsmekevin
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