Snapshots: The Nikki Bella Incident

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This week on RAW, Nikki Bella had her hands full when Stephanie McMahon ordered her to face Alicia Fox, Eva Marie, Cameron and Rosa Mendes in a handicap match. After losing to her enemies, Nikki had…well, let’s just call it a Wardrobe Malfunction.

tumblr_mw2z61JdZ81srbyoyo1_400Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Of course since this was an accident, the internet would never do something like freeze frame every moment of the incident and put it out there for the world to see, right?

tumblr_n2k3y3QEH81srbyoyo1_500Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

…What? That’s EXACTLY what the internet did? …Oh.

Well, since the internet already did it, we might as well show the picture everyone’s talking about. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls Children Of All Ages Adults 18 and Over. Three Man Booth, proudly brings to you, the GREATEST PICTURE IN THE WORRRRRRRRRRRRRLD!

Nikki Bella’s Nude….





Nikki+Bella+Premiere+Twentieth+Century+Fox+raZA-Ake1OrlCourtesy of WWE

What? Did you actually think we were going to do that to Nikki Bella? C’mon. With her sister quitting…


And John Cena’s refusal to Never Give Up his stance on marriage.


Fearless Nikki has been through enough.

SadNikkiCourtesy of Twitter

Don’t worry, Nikki. Put that incident behind you and just doing what you do best:

Nikki Rack Attacks

nikkirackattackCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Β and Nikki Bella Poses

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