So That Happened: #RAW Recap (06/23/14)

STH2014DominoduhCourtesy of dominoduh

RAW begins with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon says as a Principal Owner of WWE, the one thing she can’t stand is gross negligence. Stephanie brings up Vickie Guerrero being unable to get her a good cup of coffee next week, then asks Vickie Guerrero to come out and face the consequences. Vickie Guerrero comes down to the ring.

Vickie Guerrero thinks it’s good to see Stephanie McMahon in better health, then snitches on Roman Reigns for messing up the coffee. Stephanie McMahon turns it around on Vickie Guerrero, and reminds her that Triple H gave her the specific direction to not put Roman Reigns in the Money In The Bank Qualifying Battle Royal, but she did it anyway and Reigns won. Stephanie puts the blame on Vickie Guerrero for Reigns’ victory, but Vickie assures it won’t happen again.

Stephanie McMahon tells Vickie Guerrero that for 9 years, she has been riding the coattails of her late husband, Eddie Guerrero. Stephanie tells Vickie that the McMahon Family took pity on her, and since they knew she couldn’t be a Diva, they made her a General Manager. After a loud Eddie Guerrero chant, Stephanie tells that Eddie may deserve the respect from the WWE Universe, but Vickie Guerrero doesn’t.

Stephanie McMahon is about to fire Vickie Guerrero, but Vickie begs Stephanie to keep her job. Stephanie makes her get on her knees in beg. After Vickie begs on her knees, Stephanie calls her pathetic and claims she can’t even beg right.


Stephanie McMahon tells Vickie Guerrero that she has one more opportunity to keep her job as Smackdown General Manager. Vickie has to compete in a match tonight. Vickie tells Stephanie that she’s not a competitor, and Stephanie gets ready to fire her again. Vickie interjects and accepts the match. Stephanie informs Vickie that her opponent is Stephanie but Vickie interjects. Vickie wonders who her opponent is Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon doesn’t think Vickie Guerrero is going to compete and almost fires her, but Vickie Guerrero tells Stephanie that the one name respected more than the McMahons is the “Guerreros.” Vickie tells Stephanie that Eddie taught her how to lie, cheat and steal, then accepts the match for tonight.

Match 01: Jimmy Uso vs. Luke Harper

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan come out to new music.


Luke Harper hits a clothesline on Jimmy Uso.

harperclotheslineCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Winner: Luke Harper

Post-Match, Jey Uso calls out Erick Rowan saying they’re just starting to get “Uso Crazy.” Jey wants Rowan to get his “stinky ass” back, so he can kick it all over the ring. Jey Uso dives on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

Match 02: Jey Uso vs. Erick Rowan

Jimmy Uso hits the Uso Splash on Erick Rowan.

Winner: Jey Uso

Post-Match, Luke Harper pulls Jey Uso out of the ring. Erick Rowan attacks Jimmy Uso from behind. Jey Uso comes back in the ring. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan proceed to take out Jey Uso.

harperslapCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan switch their focus back to Jimmy Uso and start to attack him. Jimmy Uso gets taken down with a clothesline.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan hold the WWE World Tag Team Titles in their hands.

Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron.

Bray Wyatt tells Luke Harper and Erick Rowan that he’s proud of them and that a leader who does not glorify the triumphs of his family is no leader at all. Wyatt says he and his brothers look down upon creation, and soon the WWE Universe will see him climb the majestic ladder. Wyatt claims his victory will bring forth a glorious new era in which The Eater Of Worlds will be crowned champion of all the desperate needy souls.

Bray Wyatt says he will not be alone in victory, since Luke Harper and Erick Rowan will annihilate all the unworthy little creatures. Wyatt says united in splendor, The Wyatt Family will roam the world like giants, casting out the light of their message. Wyatt ends the promo with Follow The Buzzards.

Rusev and Lana go sightseeing in Washington DC:

Rusev and Lana stand in front of The White House and trash is along with the rest of America. America Lana says the Kremlin and the Russian Federation is the standard of excellence in government, then reminds the WWE Universe that the Russian Federation gave Rusev a golden medal.

Lana says the US Landmarks and Government, and America in general are pathetic. Lana tells America to wake up and that they are embraced with one option: To bow down and embrace a true leader like Vladimir Putin. Lana says you can’t “Ask What can your country do for you? When America can’t even help itself.”

Lana tells the WWE Universe to rise in reverence for Rusev. Rusev says “Rusev Crush.”

Match 03: Alicia Fox vs. Naomi

Paige comes out for commentary.

The Funkadactyls theme plays next.

Paige starts commentating.

Cam’ron joins Paige for commentary.

Alicia Fox hits a backbreaker on Naomi.

Naomi hits a new finisher on Alicia Fox.

naomifinisherCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Winner: Naomi

Post-Match, Paige and Naomi shake hands.


Backstage: #ScumbagSheamus is getting ready for tonight, when Roman Reigns walks in. #ScumbagSheamus asks if Reigns is ready for a fight. Reigns thinks #ScumbagSheamus is picking a fight, but #ScumbagSheamus says he’s talking about the 4 on 3 match tonight. #ScumbagSheamus tells Roman Reigns that he hopes he’s ready. Reigns says he’s always ready and that their opponents might need more people.


#ScumbagSheamus tells Roman Reigns that he loves his intensity and confidence, but he still has doubt in his mind because he remembers when Reigns and the rest of The Shield attacked him and the rest of the WWE. #ScumbagSheamus says this Sunday at Money In The Bank, it’s every person for itsself. #ScumbagSheamus tries to say something about getting stabbed in the back, but Reigns interjects, saying that if he wanted to take #ScumbagSheamus out, he would be unconscious right now.

#ScumbagSheamus laughs it off then tells Roman Reigns that he loves his confidence, and that it’ll be fun tagging with Roman Reigns tonight. #ScumbagSheamus tells Reigns that it will be magical when he walks away with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday. Reigns tells #ScumbagSheamus that he doesn’t believe in magic. He believes in Roman Reigns and #ScumbagSheamus should too. Reigns walks off as #ScumbagSheamus chuckles.

Match 04: Bo Dallas vs. Titus O’Neil

Bo Dallas tells Titus O’Neil that last week, he fell off his horse, but that didn’t stop him because he got right back on, then fell off again. Dallas says that tonight, he’s going to prove to everyone that all he has to do, is Bolieve.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Post-Match, Bo Dallas tells Titus O’Neil to get back on the horse, but Titus O’Neil knocks the microphone out of his hand. Bo Dallas gets another mic and blames it on his butterfingers. Bo Dallas tells Titus O’Neil to “Don’t Stop Bolieving.”

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