So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season 02 Finale Pt. 1 (05/25/14)


Nikki Bella tells her family about her first marriage. Her brother JJ is upset and hopes she figures it out with John Cena. Nikki Bella decides to leave, but Brie Bella goes after her. Brie Bella doesn’t think Nikki should leave, but Nikki doesn’t want to upset her family further. Nikki thought it would go easier and is now worried how this will go when she has to tell John Cena.

Back at Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s House, Bryan and Brie are eating when Brie asks Bryan if he’s excited about this week. Bryan doesn’t know what’s going on this week and Brie tells him about all of the wedding planning stuff.

Daniel Bryan is okay with the wedding stuff, but Brie Bella asks Bryan if she wants to trim his beard. Brie is concerned about the beard because it’s what the WWE Universe knows him for. Brie starts to put ingredients in Bryan’s beard, but Bryan reads the ingredients and is a little uncomfortable with that going on his face.


Daniel Bryan asks Brie Bella if she wants to get married to “all of this” but Brie jokes that she’ll trim Bryan’s beard in his sleep. As Josie starts to lick Bryan’s face. Bryan jokes that Josie is more on his side because she knows Brie is being an intense bride.

In Nikki Bella’s car, Nikki gets a call from Natalya. Nikki and Natalya talk about their workout and Nikki says she needs to get ready for Wrestlemania 30. Nikki talks about how Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year, which everyone waits for all year long.

After talking about Wrestlemania and John Cena, Nikki Bella asks Natalya if she told anyone about her previous marriage. Natalya says no, but thinks Nikki needs to find a way to tell him. Nikki talks about doing it at work, but Natalya thinks she should do it at home.

Naomi returns to work with Jimmy Uso, and she is excited to be back. Naomi is hoping she can pick up where she left off in her quest to be Diva’s Champion.

Backstage at RAW, Nikki Bella hugs John Cena and wants to talk to him really quickly. Nikki asks John Cena what he’s up to. Cena tells her he’s making merchandise, then jokes about his typical merchandise. Cena knows Nikki is hiding something, but Nikki claims she just wants to say Hi. Nikki decides to tell John the big news at home.

Brie Bella goes with Nikki Bella and their Mom, Kathy, for her final dress shopping. While dress shopping, Brie asked Nikki if she told John Cena about her marriage yet. Nikki says she hasn’t told him yet, because it gives her anxiety but plans on it because she doesn’t want to take away from Brie’s wedding. Brie reminds Nikki that the deal was she would tell him before the wedding and Nikki agrees to do it.

While Brie Bella is getting her dress fitted, Nikki gets a call from WWE Producer Brian Terwilliger, which Nikki responds to on speakerphone. Terwilliger tells Nikki Bella that they will be in a Wrestlemania 30 Opening and that they have to move the time up to Thursday. Brie shakes her head saying “No” but Nikki agrees to it.


After the phone call, Brie Bella gets pissed off at Nikki for agreeing to take the call. Brie tells Nikki Bella about the all the things she has to do about for the wedding, but Nikki fires back saying that this is Wrestlemania Season and that all Brie has wanted to do have a moment for Wrestlemania and that their careers come first. Brie tells Nikki that being a wife and starting a family is more important than her career, and thinks Nikki doesn’t get that because it’s not her wedding.

Brie Bella thinks Nikki is acting like a total bitch, which offends Nikki, who walks out of the bridal store.

At the WWE Performance Center, Stephanie McMahon has the WWE Divas to be part of her fitness DVD. Stephanie is proud to have all the WWE Divas helping her out. Naomi is happy to be working with Stephanie McMahon.

Naomi thanks Stephanie McMahon that she’s happy for the opportunity and that she’s ready. Stephanie tells Naomi that she’s happy to have her back in the WWE and that she’ rooting for her.

Back in New Orleans, The Bella Twins are on their way to the Wrestlemania Opening Video Shoot, but are still upset with each other. A clown walks by and Nikki Bella tries to compare their situation to the clowns. Brie, in defense of the clown, tries to think of the clown having a family and putting her family first. Nikki says that the clown knows what he has to do to get ahead, so he will do what he can to make it happen. The Bella Twins are literally using a clown to talk out their feelings.

Later, Brie decides to do seating chart planning while doing her makeup. Everything is going fine until she gets a phone call from her Mother, Kathy. Kathy tells Brie Sedona isn’t how she pictured it at all. Kathy says it’s beautiful, but there are no bathrooms, only porta-potties and a lot of emu feces on the ground. Brie thinks it’s 45 minutes and that people can wait to use the bathroom.

Nikki Bella jokes about people having to hold in their feces till after the show, while Brie gets further upset.

The Bella Twins film the Wrestlemania Opening with the WWE Superstars.

In New York City, Nikki Bella and Natalya are working out to get in shape for Wrestlemania. While working out, Natalya talks about her hair dye for the Summer. Nikki switches the conversation to Summer Rae and tells Natalya that Brie doesn’t want Summer Rae at the wedding. Nikki doesn’t think Summer wants to be there and that she only wants to be there in a slutty dress and show off.

As Brie Bella walks up, Nikki tells Brie about the Summer Rae news. Natalya reminds Brie Bella of her wedding and how she put everyone first. Nikki tells Brie that she is here for her and promises not to let anyone ruin her wedding.

Later, the WWE Divas are meeting with Mark Carrano to talk business. After small talk, Caranno tells Summer Rae that she will be in the first Diva to star in a WWE Film: The Marine 4. Everyone claps for Summer, but Natalya takes it further by mock congratulating Summer for doing absolutely nothing.


Mark Carrano asks if anyone wants to get Summer Rae a cake. No one wants to do it, and Mark quickly moves on. Mark tells the WWE Divas about who is going to participate in the Wrestlemania Match….It’s the entire Total Divas Roster!

Back in Phoenix, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are preparing for more wedding planning. Brie asks Bryan if he wants to dance to Blitzen Trapper. Bryan tells Brie that it’s her wedding and they can dance to whatever she wants to. Brie tells Bryan that it’s THEIR wedding, but Bryan reminds Brie that she keeps referring it as her wedding, so that’s how he will refer to it. Brie agrees and keeps calling it her wedding.

Brie Bella brings up Summer Rae to Daniel Bryan, saying there are moments when she really likes Summer, then other moments when she doesn’t. Bryan says if she wants to invite Summer, then she can invite Summer. Bryan reminds Brie that this wedding should be about what they want, which Brie agrees. Bryan jokes that 50% of the wedding is the expectations of weddings Walt Disney put in her head.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella grab Josie, then head in to talk wedding planning. Bryan and Brie find out that the cottage is $600, which Bryan is not okay with. After hearing a cheaper price, Brie goes with the $600 cottage because it’s her wedding.

Back at John Cena’s place, Nikki Bella asks John Cena to sit down. Before they can sit, Nikki freaks out about a baby frog. John Cena jokes around about how scared Nikki is about the baby frog.

Nikki Bella sits down to tell John Cena about her previous marriage, but switches the situation to Brie. Nikki says Brie is putting her wedding before her career. Cena asks if Nikki if she wants him to talk to Brie Bella about it, which Nikki agrees with. Nikki makes a promise to herself to tell John Cena the wedding news after Wrestlemania.

The next day, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are doing more wedding planning. Brie and Bryan are gonna tour the property, look at two places today and can only choose one. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella tour the first venue, while Brie plans where the string quartet will go.


When Brie and Bryan visit the ranch, Bryan is more into the ranch, but Brie doesn’t really want that for a wedding.
Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella visit the second spot, which has a more nature feel. Bryan and Bri are loving this area, with the animals included. Brie continues to start doing more wedding plans, which includes cutting down trees, which Bryan has a problem with.

Brie Bella continues talking wedding plans in the car, but Bryan doesn’t look too pleased with her ideas. Brie stresses that this is a once in a lifetime thing, but Bryan says Brie said that about the room, but it’s not once in a lifetime since they’re coming back tonight.

Brie Bella says that she doesn’t want to end up regretting her wedding 10 years later because she didn’t spend $5000 more on her wedding. Bryan reminds her that it’s not just $5,000, it’s $120,000.

Bryan reminds Brie that their wedding is for them and not to impress anyone else, which Brie agrees with.

Brie Bella tells Daniel Bryan that she got so caught up in pleasing everyone, when in reality, she’s just a simple girl that could get married in what she’s wearing right now. Bryan tells Brie they should get married right now. Bryan thinks they should pull over to the side of the road and just get married.

Brie tells Bryan no because her Nana would be so sad. Brie just wants a neat wedding, but Bryan says the most important thing is that they’re getting married with their family and friends there. Bryan says it’s about them and what matters to them. Brie agrees to having a more simple wedding and promises it will be their dream wedding. Bryan jokes that it’s her wedding again, but Brie shuts him up with a kiss.

Brie Bella tells Bryan that she looked at wedding stuff for hours. Bryan jokes that she’s looking at porn, but Brie says it’s wedding porn. Bryan agrees that’s exactly what it is.

Daniel Bryan continues to joke around with Brie Bella, making “Chick” jokes.

The WWE Superstars and Total Divas are at the Wrestlemania Press Conference having a great time. At the airport, Naomi jokes that they’re looking at the next Divas Champion. Natalya fires back saying does she look good. Nikki Bella chimes in saying she will be on the Divas Champion. Eva Marie and Cam’ron talk. Eva Marie is surprised how far she’s come one year later after being at Wrestlemania.

The Bella Twins meet their Mom Cathy and brother, JJ for coffee and talking. Nikki Bella is surprised her brother hugged her. Nikki Bella apologizes to JJ for lying. JJ accepts the apology and admits he was upset, but says most of the family was upset since a wedding was a sacred thing. Nikki defends herself that she made a mistake. Kathy chimes in saying that we all made mistakes, but there is nothing that they should hide from each other. The Bella Family forgives Nikki Bella.

JJ asks Nikki Bella how John Cena took it. Nikki Bella lies and says John took it well. JJ is surprised Nikki took it well. Everyone is proud of Nikki for telling John, but Nikki doesn’t say anything because she knows she’s lying.

Brie Bella wants to get a Beignets but calls it a “BenGay.” The Bella Family laughs at Brie’s mistake.

Backstage, Brie Bella pulls Summer Rae aside backstage. Brie tells Summer that when she first started, she thought they had a friendship, but after everything that happened and her turning her back on anyone, she doesn’t want Summer at her wedding.


Summer Rae understands that this is a special day to Brie Bella, but promises to not start drama at her wedding. Summer thinks it sucks that Brie thinks that, but Brie thinks she has no choice but to think that.

Summer Rae says she’s been in these situations because she’s insecure as a defense mechanism. Brie Bella thinks there’s a good person in there, and that she doesn’t need to be fake or phony. Just be her. After seeing Summer Rae cry, Brie Bella gives her a hug and gives her some more advice.

At WWE Fan Axxess, Eva Marie tells Natalya that she is freaking out because it’s her first Mania. Natalya says there’s going to be at least 80,000 live so if she screws up, people will watch and millions of people around the world. Natalya reminds Eva that if she makes a mistake, it’s there forever, but thinks she will be fine.

Natalya tells Eva Marie that she gets nervous all the time, but she drives on that energy. Natalya reminds Eva Marie this is a Make Or Break thing. Eva Marie doesn’t think she can do this.

So That Happened:

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