So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (05/18/14)


Total Divas begins with a recap of Naomi’s eye injury from Aksana. Naomi ends up finishing the match.


The Total Divas watch Naomi and Jimmy Uso go immediately to the trainer. Eva Marie is concerned since she has never seen Naomi injured, while Cam’ron worries what this means for the Funkadactyls. Cam’ron is also worried about Naomi’s health.

The Bella Twins and Eva Marie show up to TV, joking that the “Mean Girls” should be back together. They run into Natalya, who is ecstatic that they’re selling her new shirt at the show today. Natalya admits that she actually bought 10 of her own shirts.

Cam’ron walks up and gives an update on Naomi’s injury. Cam’ron reveals that Naomi could be out 2-3 months. Brie says these injuries worry her.

Natalya brings up Cabo for Brie Bella’s bachelorette party. The Total Divas are planning to have a great time in Cabo, and drink and party and go Brie Mode. Natalya would love to go ziplining and build a sandcastle, but everyone makes fun of her for not wanting to do alcoholic activities.

At RAW, Summer Rae asks Eva Marie about the Cabo trip.


Eva Marie says all of the Total Divas are going to Cabo except for Summer Rae. Eva Marie says it’s because she has burned her bridge with all of the Total Divas.

The Total Divas arrive in Cabo and start to plan the party, planning alcoholic games and activities. Natalya suggests playing board games, they make fun of her for the suggestion.

Meanwhile, Eva Marie keeps quiet but reveals in the Talking Head, that she is a recovering alcoholic. Eva Marie wants to keep quiet about her sobriety because she doesn’t want to bring the mood down.

After the Total Divas get to their Cabo house, the Total Divas start planning out the night. Natalya mentions swimming with the dolphins and boardgames again, but gets shut down. Cam’ron thinks this weekend is about “Brie Mode” not “Game Mode.”

The Total Divas celebrate in Cabo by toasting with the Daniel Bryan chant, then throwing each other in the pool and having a great time.


Back at Naomi and Jimmy Uso’s place, Jimmy Uso is taking care of Naomi, who is in an eyepatch. Naomi is very upset since she feels she was on the road to becoming WWE Diva’s Champion and having a WWE Divas Title Shot at Wrestlemania to starting back at the bottom.

Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that she’ll be right back in the swing of things and it’s gonna be like she never left.


Back in Cabo, Brie wants to take a nap, but Nikki Bella says no one can nap. Nikki wants everyone to have margaritas, but Eva passes. Nikki Bella talks about how she and Eva Marie used to hate each other, but now they’re like best friends.

After Nikki Bella’s heart to heart, the Total Divas and Brie Bella’s friends start slapping each other on the butt.

Later, in the pool, Nikki Bella tells everyone that John Cena drove 2 hours to see The Bella Twins Grandmother and Nikki finds that incredibly sweet. Natalya thinks that John Cena is changing for the better.

Back inside the house, Brie Bella takes a nap, while Eva Marie and Cam’ron joke around with her.

Back in the pool, Nikki Bella and Natalya are talking about Nikki’s relationship with John Cena. Nikki talks about how much she and Cena miss each other and how good their relationship is going. Natalya bets her “Divahood” on John Cena asking Nikki Bella to marry her.

Nikki Bella doesn’t think Natalya is right then says the only wedding she’ll have is when she’s 20. Natalya doesn’t believe it, but Nikki tells her that she got married in Vegas to her high school sweetheart in uggs and sweatpants. Nikki reveals that the relationship didn’t work out and they divorced 3 years later.

Brie Bella shows up and makes fun of how long Nikki Bella is in the tub, but Natalya tells Brie that they were talking about Nikki’s first wedding. Brie is surprised Nikki would reveal her big secret of 10 years, something that even John Cena doesn’t know.

Later, Natalya gives a toast to Brie Bella and thinks she’ll make an amazing wife. After the toast, the Divas have drinks and dinner, while Eva Marie tries to avoid the margarita glass in front of her.

After the margaritas, the Total Divas go dancing. While dancing, more shots get delivered to them. Eva Marie almost takes a shot, but decides to leave the party.

Cameron goes after Eva Marie and asks her what happened. Eva Marie says she’s tired and goes home. Cam’ron asks Eva Marie if she wants to talk about the situation, but she doesn’t want to. After the party, the Total Divas get in the van and wonder what was wrong with Eva Marie. They feel Eva Marie brought the mood down by just disappearing.


The next day, the Total Divas have breakfast and check on Eva Marie, who lies and says she’s feeling better. As they have breakfast, Natalya has some chocolate on her face. Natalya jokes that she was very hungry.

The Total Divas finish eating then go back in the pool for more drinks. Eva Marie wipes a tear and stays away from them.

Later, the Total Divas are sunbathing and talking about being “Cali Girls” when Eva Marie shows up to the party. The Total Divas ask Eva Marie what happened last night. Eva Marie starts to tear up and says that she needs to come clean.

Eva Marie tells the Total Divas that she doesn’t drink, and feels bad for being the “party pooper,” but Brie Bella tells Eva Marie that she struggled with alcohol as well. Eva Marie says that she tried to be a “normy” and just have one drink in the past, but she can’t do it. Natalya tells Eva Marie that she can relate due to her Father’s alcoholism.

Eva tries to tell Natalya about what her Father’s going through then talks about what her family went through seeing her struggle with alcoholism.

The Total Divas bond together with each other over Eva Marie’s sobriety.

Meanwhile, Naomi goes to see the doctor and receives some good news.


The real good news is Naomi can get back in the ring after a few weeks, which excites Naomi.

Back in Cabo, Brie Bella tells Nikki that she’s shocked that she revealed her wedding secret to Natalya, since she hasn’t even told her family about the past marriage. Nikki Bella blames it on the alcohol, but Brie reminds Nikki that Natalya likes to gossip, and hopes that Nattie won’t tell anyone about her previous marriage. Nikki says Eva Marie has inspired her, and plans to tell her family when she comes back from Cabo.

Later, the Total Divas finally go see some Dolphins, which Natalya is excited about.

After learning stories about the Dolphins, the Total Divas go and have some fun with Dolphins.


Brie Bella tells Eva Marie that they can do fun things without drinking, which Eva agrees with.

Natalya walks up, and Eva jokes that Natalya finally had a good idea.


After the Dolphins, the Total Divas spend their last night around the fire in Cabo. The Total Divas think Nikki Bella will eventually get married to John Cena, but Nikki doesn’t think it’ll happen anytime soon. Nikki is asked if she would take John Cena’s name even if she never had kids. Nikki might consider it.

Afterwards, Nikki Bella suggests that everyone says something nice about Brie Bella. Everyone goes around and says great things about Brie Bella and wishes her success.

After returning from Cabo, Nikki Bella goes to her brother’s housewarming party with her Mother. The entire family is there, so Nikki Bella is thinking of telling her family the big news.

Nikki Bella gets ready to tell her family the news, but Brie Bella shows up with Josie. The Bella Brother’s Dog and Josie start barking at each other.

After the dogs settle down, Nikki tells everyone that she was married when she was 20, and divorced at 23. The Bella Mom is surprised Nikki couldn’t tell them, especially with the relationship that they have.

Nikki Bella’s Brother is the most upset about this, telling Nikki that John Cena is going to be pissed when he finds out. The Bella Brother storms off, disappointed that Nikki waited this long to tell them her secret.

So That Happened:


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