So That Happened: #TotalDivas (04/27/14)


Naomi, Alicia Fox and Sandra are talking about Alicia Fox’s boobs until Cam’ron walks up. Sandra makes a joke about Cam’ron’s small boobs. Naomi would rather have Cam’ron’s boobs.

Cam’ron tries to get Sandra to do a “baby twerk”, but Sandra says she is a professional woman who is here to work, not shake her butt. Cam’ron tries to get Naomi to twerk, but Naomi only twerks for her man or for a paycheck.

Eventually Cam’ron’s ignorance influences Alicia Fox, Naomi and Sandra and Sandra starts twerking.

Backstage at RAW, Natalya shows her Flex Magazine Spread to the Eva Marie, Cam’ron and Summer Rae.

While Eva Marie and Cam’ron are impressed with Natalya, Summer Rae asks Natalya if Flex Magazine is a Men’s Magazine. Natalya isn’t happy with Summer Rae’s comments.


The Total Divas are having brunch. Natalya tells the Total Divas that she’s doing a Flex Magazine signing for in NYC and Tyson Kidd is coming with him. Natalya is happy that she can spend time with Tyson. Brie Bella says NYC is a great city. Eva Marie thinks it’s the perfect city to “get it in.”

Natalya worries about who is going to watch the cats and considers canceling the trip, but Cam’ron volunteers to watch Natalya’s house, despite living in California. Natalya accepts Cam’ron’s offers and Eva Marie jokes that Cam’ron is watching Natalya’s pussy.

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are shopping for groceries. Brie and Nikki Bella mock each other’s outfits. Nikki picks up melons for Brie, but Brie doesn’t want big melons like Nikki. Nikki says her melons look real, which Brie makes fun of her for. Nikki calls Brie a bitch underneath her breath.

While shopping, Nikki Bella picks out factory made chicken, but Brie Bella refuses to let Nikki buy it. Brie tells Nikki that this is the worst chicken for you because the chickens get slaughtered in a very disturbing way. Nikki thinks chicken is chicken and buys the chicken anyway.

Natalya is excited about the trip to NYC with Tyson Kidd until Tyson reveals he’s invited her sister Valerie, since he believes it would be nice for her to have a break from her 2 kids. Natalya is upset because not only does she not get along with Valerie, but she wanted a trip for the two of them.

Natalya is also upset because Tyson Kidd is paying for his sister’s trip, but Tyson brings up Natalya spending a lot of money on her Mom. Natalya defends her Mom saying that she helps with the cats and looks after the house when they’re gone. Natalya says Tyson’s sister only hits him up for money. Natalya plays around with Louis the cat and calls Tyson Kidd an asshole. Natalya says she’s saying her final goodbye to Louis because she doesn’t know if they’ll make it out of NYC alive with Tyson’s sister.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd arrive at their hotel. Natalya wants to move past the argument about his sister and wants to make this a romantic getaway. Natalya asks Tyson Kidd where Valerie is staying, and Tyson tells Natalya she’s staying in the other room. Natalya is pissed because Valerie will be able to hear everything they say and do.

Vincent picks up Cam’ron as she arrives to Tampa.

Vincent tries to talk to Cam’ron about the weekend and drive to the house, but Cam’ron is over the top and extremely annoying.



In NYC. Natalya asks Tyson Kidd about his sister Valerie. Tyson reveals she’s at the spa and that he’s paying for it. Natalya knows spas are expensive and gets mad at Tyson for spending so much money on a spa. Tyson says it’s his money and didn’t realize he had to ask for permission.

Valerie and Natalya make small talk, which further angers Natalya, when she finds out that she is also tipping at the expensive spot.

Cam’ron and Vincent arrive at Natalya’s house and go through Nattie’s things. Cam’ron goes through Natalya’s receipts and clothes, while Vincent is impressed with their big screen TV, but is afraid of the cat.

Vincent tries to enjoy the massage chair, but Cam’ron walks up dressed in Natalya’s clothes. Cam’ron imitates Natalya’s history with Summer Rae, then starts to do a striptease.

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella arrive at Trey Songz music video. While at the music video, Nikki Bella starts eating a chicken salad. Brie questions where Nikki got her chicken from, but Nikki doesn’t seem to care. Brie shows Nikki a video of how chickens are slaughtered and abused.

While Natalya is on a Media Day for Flex Magazine, Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella are at catering. Nikki Bella is still disgusted from the video and can’t eat meat because of it. Brie tells Nikki that she can eat free range chicken.

Nikki Bella tells Heath Slater about the tragic life of non free-range chickens. Heath Slater is also disgusted.


Jessica, the Cater, assures that the chicken is good to eat, but Nikki doesn’t want to eat it anyway.

In NYC, Tyson Kidd and Natalya are eating with Valerie. Valerie thanks Tyson Kidd for the money. Natalya wonders what the money was for and Tyson reveals that it was a $5,000 bouncy house for Valerie’s children.

Natalya is pissed that Tyson Kidd is spending so much money, especially since they just bought her Mom and Dad a car. As Natalya and Tyson argue, Valerie brings up that Natalya also spent a lot of money on the cat. Tyson starts to get angry and asks if Natalya is his accountant.

Natalya is furious at the way Tyson is acting. Natalya gets up and leaves the restaurant.

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are on their way to a farm. Nikki Bella talks about the time she got kicked in the butt by a horse. Brie jokes that Nikki gets so much hate from animals because she wears them all the time. Nikki thinks the animals are grateful.

Nikki Bella spends the day at Suzie Farms and learning about Free Range and Pasteurized Chicken. The Bella Twins try and catch chickens and have a great day at the farm. Nikki promises to eat local chicken from now on.

Back at Natalya’s house, Vincent and Cam’ron are using Louis the cat as a mop.



Natalya’s doorbell rings and Cam’ron has a bunch of friends over for a party at Natalya’s house.

Natalya is getting ready for the Flex Magazine shoot, but she is upset due to her fight with Tyson Kidd. Natalya’s signing ends up going well, but she wishes Tyson Kidd was there to see it.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi arrive at the party and are surprised to see so many people at the party. Naomi tells Cam’ron that she shouldn’t be having this many people at the party and knows Natalya wouldn’t find this okay.

Cam’ron sees that the door is open. Louis the cat has escaped!

Cam’ron tells Naomi, Jimmy Uso and Vincent about Louis missing. Jimmy Uso asks if anybody has seen Nattie’s pussy.

While Cam’ron, Naomi, Jimmy Uso and Vincent search for the cat, Michelle, Natalya’s nosy neighbor, starts questioning them. Cam’ron explains that they’re looking for their friend Louis and not Louis the cat.

Natalya gets a phone call from Michelle, telling Natalya about Louis missing.


Natalya is taking the first flight back to Tampa and wants Cam’ron to find Louis.

Natalya tells Tyson Kidd about Louis being missing. Obviously, Tyson Kidd and Natalya are pissed.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are packing and planning on getting out of NYC. Tyson Kidd is furious and mentions that if they don’t find Louis, they won’t find Vincent.

Cam’ron and Vincent continue to search for Louis. Jimmy Uso and Naomi don’t like that they’re even in a situation like this.

Cam’ron eventually finds Louis hiding underneath a car.

Cam’ron calls Natalya and tells her that Louie is found. Cam’ron apologizes, but Tyson Kidd is still pissed off at her and Vincent.

Natalya asks if Cam’ron is anybody else is at their house. Cam’ron tries to lie, but Jimmy Uso purposely makes a lot of noise.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya get into another argument. Natalya admits to Tyson that she doesn;t like him spending so much money on his sister. doesn’t like. Natalya says Tyson Kidd since they’re married, they share finances. Tyson Kidd says the same thing about Natalya spending the money on her parents, buying them a car.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya make up.

Cam’ron admits to Naomi and Jimmy Uso she messed up a little bit, which Naomi and Jimmy Uso agree with.

Cam’ron apologizes again, but Vincent thinks they should celebrate finding Louis with some shots.


Cam’ron makes a toast and continues partying.

So That Happened:

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