So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (04/20/14)



Total Divas begins with Naomi and Natalya at a restaurant. Natalya says she fell asleep 5 seconds in when watching TV.

Natalya complains she feels she’s not giving Tyson Kidd enough attention. Naomi feels the same way about her and Jimmy Uso. Naomi reveals she and Jimmy Uso have been engaged for two years.

Naomi, Jimmy Uso and Natalya start playing pool. Natalya makes a bet that if Jimmy Uso makes that ball in, they will have to get married in the next 6 months. Naomi jokingly complains, but Jimmy Uso “makes it in.”

Eva Marie is complaining to Jonathan about her stomach. Jonathan agrees that something is wrong with her and they go to see the doctor.

Meanwhile, Natalya, Cam’ron and Nikki Bella are having lunch. Cam’ron asks Natalya how her night with Tyson Kidd was, then quickly blurts out that Natalya doesn’t know what doggy style is. A flashback is shown of Cam’ron and Rosa Mendes making fun of Natayla.

Natalya would rather be a vanilla latte than a Frappucino with all the fillings.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan arrive and find out that Natalya doesn’t know what doggy style is. Nikki Bella talks about how she knows doggy style from her dogs having sex, then talks about how they were stuck together for an hour. Bryan is surprised that dog semen is like glue.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi are talking plans for their wedding. They both want a small, intimate setting with family. Naomi asks Jimmy Uso if his father, Rikishi will be there. Jimmy Uso reveals he doesn’t really get along with Rikishi!

Naomi tells Jimmy Uso that Rikishi will be at WWE Old School RAW, and wants Jimmy Uso to ask Rikishi to come to the wedding. Jimmy Uso reluctantly agrees.

At the doctor, Eva Marie might have an ovarian cyst. After a scan, The Doctor reveals that Eva Marie had a cyst that ruptured and she will have to be bedridden temporarily in order to heal. Eva Marie calls WWE immediately.

At Old School RAW, Naomi asks Jimmy Uso if he talked to Rikishi yet. Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that she knows how his relationship with his Father is, but Naomi wants the most important people in their lives to be at the wedding. Naomi thinks Rikishi might not want Jimmy Uso to get married because Naomi is not Samoan. Naomi asks Jimmy Uso to talk to Rikishi again, and Jimmy Uso agrees.

After Rikishi’s match, Naomi and Jimmy Uso go over to Rikishi. Jimmy Uso is hesitant to tell Rikishi the news.

Jimmy Uso tells Rikishi that he’s getting married next week and they want him to make it. Naomi wants Rikishi there and wants his approval. Rikishi starts to tear up.

Naomi says that she knows that she hasn’t had a lot of time with him, but it would mean a lot for her to be there and it would mean even more to Jimmy Uso for Rikishi to be there. Rikishi, still tearing up, gives Naomi and Jimmy Uso his blessing. Rikishi jokes that he’s going to need a white suit to go to the wedding with.


Eva Marie goes for another ultrasound. Eva Marie’s doctor reveals that there was a deviation in Eva Marie’s uterus making an irregular cavity. Eva Marie needs more tests performed on her.

Natalya and Nikki Bella are working out, when Cam’ron comes in, wearing a ridiculous outfit and slaps both of them on the butt.

Cam’ron tells Natalya show her the position for Doggy Style. Natalya tells Cam’ron that she learned when she got married to accept sex how it is. Nikki Bella thinks that it’s the opposite when you’re married. Cam’ron calls her sex therapist, Dr. Milrod, to talk to Natalya. Natalya is creeped out by the fact that Dr. Milrod is on Cam’ron’s speed dial.

Natalya tells Dr. Milrod about her busy schedule, but Dr. Milrod agrees to come to her place for sex therapy. Cam’ron jokes that Natalya should put her wrestling outfit on. Nikki Bella chimes in saying she would like to have John Cena do something like that.

Eva Marie gets a phone call from the Doctor. Eva Marie gets test results and gets bad news.


Jonathan comes back with Eva Marie’s medicine. Eva Marie reveals that to Jonathan that the swelling has really messed her body up, and she may not be able to have children. Eva Marie is devastated because she knows that’s all Jonathan wants.

Jonathan assures Eva Marie that he’s here for her and when it comes to kids, they’ll deal with that when the time comes. Jonathan thinks Eva Marie should have her Mom (Josie) here to help her out, despite them being on bad terms.

The Usos and Naomi arrive to Hawaii. As they’re on their way to the house, Jimmy Uso asks Naomi if her family has showed up yet. Naomi tells Jimmy Uso her Dad arrived yesterday, then asks about Rikishi. Jimmy Uso doesn’t know where Rikishi’s at, which Naomi finds weird.

Jonathan asks Eva Marie if she’s spoken to her Mom yet. Eva Marie is afraid to talk to her Mom. Jonathan calls Eva Marie out on being stubborn, which Eva Marie doesn’t like. Jonathan tells Eva Marie that she doesn’t want to fight with Eva Marie, but thinks she needs her Mother and needs to call and tell her.

Since Eva Marie doesn’t want to call her Mom, Jonathan calls her Mom for her. Jonathan tells Eva Marie’s Mom that although they didn’t end on the best of terms, there was a situation, and Eva Marie could really use her Mom right now. Jonathan says he’s a man and he’s doing all he can, but he’s not her Mom.


Eva Marie’s Mom, Josie, appreciates this, and now wants to speak with Eva Marie. After scolding Eva Marie, Josie asks Eva Marie what’s wrong. Eva Marie tells her everything that’s wrong with her.

After hearing Eva Marie’s problems, Josie tells Eva Marie that her family loves her and will her be there for her ASAP.

The Sex Therapist, Dr. Milrod, arrives at the house. Natalya wants Tyson Kidd to be nice.

Dr. Milrod asks Tyson Kidd how she can help him, but Tyson doesn’t even know why they need a sex therapist to begin with since he doesn’t think there’s a problem. Natalya thinks the opposite, and that it’s like seeing a personal trainer giving her a new workout.

Dr. Milrod suggests “sex-proofing” the house. Dr. Milrod thinks Natalya and Tyson Kidd should turn the kitchen into the sex farm, where Tyson is the farmer and Natalya is the milk maid. Dr. Milrod suggests taking a banana and putting it in an “interesting place.” Natalya is confused, but Dr. Milrod tells Natalya that the interesting place is inside Natalya.

Dr. Milrod sees Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s office and says the office is all about “Rear Entry.”

Dr. Mildrod, Natalya and Tyson Kidd walk into the hallway. Dr. Milrod dubs the room as the place where the “Postman always comes twice.” Dr. Milrod wants Natalya and Tyson to leave the door open, then get down and do it right on the floor with the neighbors watching. Natalya is not comfortable with this.

Dr. Milrod asks about Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s first time, which Natalya doesn’t remember, but Tyson remembers very clearly. Tyson Kidd reveals that he liked her more than she liked him, and they slept beside each other all the time, but that night everything changed.

Dr. Milrod thinks Tyson Kidd and Natalya are getting turned on by just sitting next to each other, then praises their erotic chemistry.

In Hawaii, Jimmy Uso and Naomi are eating with the rest of the family except Rikishi. Naomi’s Dad, Shawn toasts to the new family. for life.

After the toast, The Usos and Naomi go outside. Naomi asks Jimmy Uso about Rikishi, but Jimmy Uso doesn’t say anything. Jimmy Uso says Rikishi isn’t coming. Naomi asks if it’s because of him, but Jey Uso says that it’s because of a last minute appearance. Jimmy Uso thinks Rikishi should be here since he’s the first one getting married.

Jey Uso says that even though Rikish isn’t here, but he’s here. Jey Uso tells Jimmy Uso that he’s so happy for them, and that his whole life has been with Jimmy. Jey says that he knew that Jimmy and Naomi loved each other from the minute they met. Jey Uso knows that even though Rikishi isn’t here, that won’t stop the wedding because everyone here loves Jimmy and Naomi.

Naomi appreciates that Jey Uso’s words and says that she loves him. Jey Uso loves her too and tells Naomi that she’s in the family now.

At RAW, Cam’ron walks up and inappropriately touches The Bella Twins again.

Cam’ron asks Natalya how everything went with Dr. Milrod. Natalya says it was awkward, but she and Tyson Kidd had a good night because of it.

Cam’ron asks if Natalya hit it from the back then does more inappropriate gyrations.

Natalya refuses to tell the Divas, but reveals to the cameras that Natalya and Tyson Kidd roleplayed last night with her being the school girl and Tyson Kidd being the burglar.


Natalya wins her match.

On wedding day, Naomi is about to walk out with her Father, Shawn, but her Shawn can’t stop crying. Naomi’s Father tells her that she did good.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso exchange their wedding vows. Jimmy Uso is always going to be there for her and love her, while Naomi is so grateful that she found wrestling because it brought her to Jimmy.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso officially get married, while an USO chant breaks out.

Jonathan is taking care of Eva Marie until the doorbell rings and Eva Marie’s parents show up.

Eva Marie’s Father, Barry what happened and Eva tells him the story. Barry tries to get Eva Marie to go see more doctors, but Eva Marie and Jonathan tell him that they already did that. Eva says if it wasn’t for Jonathan, she probably would have died.

Jonathan tells Eva Marie’s family that he’ll do anything he can to make sure she’s okay because Eva Marie is her life.

Barry says that every time they’ve come here, it’s been a bomb, and hopes for happier times. Barry and Josie appreciate Jonathan taking care of Eva Marie and slowly start to accept him.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi are having a great time at the wedding. Jimmy Uso’s Mom makes an emotional speech, welcoming Naomi into the family.

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