So That Happened: #RAW AKA #RAWBrooklyn Recap (03/24/14)


RAW in Brooklyn begins with Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon thanks the WWE Universe, then tells them that Daniel Bryan won’t be here tonight. Stephanie says that she was reading on social media that what The Authority did to Daniel Bryan was disgusting, uncomfortable to watch and went too far. Stephanie agrees, but says that she and Triple H did what they needed to do to send a message to Daniel Bryan and the locker room: Insubordination will not be tolerated.

Stephanie McMahon say The Authority won’t allow a passing fad like “The YES Movement” to create a false leader who will lead the WWE Universe down a path of self-destruction. Stephanie says as leaders, her decisions won’t be popular, but people like the WWE Universe need to be led by people with intellect and character like her.

Stephanie McMahon talks about how she didn’t ask for this power, but she was born with it. As Stephanie boasts about being a leader, loud CM Punk chants break out.

Stephanie McMahon says that Daniel Bryan was reminded last week that Triple H was The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, The COO and the most powerful man in WWE. Stephanie says when Triple H beats Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30, he will go on to become the new WWE Champion. Stephanie McMahon is cut off by Randy Orton’s music.

Randy Orton tells Stephanie McMahon that he is not here to argue or disrespect her because he respects Stephanie and Triple H too much to do what he’s going to have to do: Beat Triple H at Wrestlemania if he gets past Daniel Bryan. Stephanie corrects Orton by saying “When”, which Orton agrees with.

As Randy Orton tries to talk about how The McMahon Family and WWE Executives will be there for Triple H’s loss, but gets drowned out by Daniel Bryan chants. Stephanie McMahon stops him to tell the WWE Universe that they can chant Bryan’s name all he wants, but he’s not going to show up.


Randy Orton says that at Wrestlemania, everyone will witness him beating Triple H and Batista to a pulp. Orton calls Stephanie McMahon an incredibly gifted, talented, smart businesswoman, but he has a suggestion: Orton wants Stephanie McMahon to make Triple H walk away from the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match so Triple H can walk out of Wrestlemania a winner. As Orton talks, loud boring chants fill the arena.

Before Stephanie McMahon can answer, she is interrupted by Batista’s music.

Batista tells Stephanie McMahon and Randy Orton that everybody is making him crazy because they’re all missing the point: They’re looking at the next WWE Champion, Batista. Batista tries to talk about how nothing will change the fact that he’s walking out of Wrestlemania 30 as Champion, but his mic keeps cutting out.

Batista keeps trying to talk with the busted microphone, but Stephanie McMahon tells him that she can’t hear a word he’s saying. Stephanie tells Batista to pick up the new mic.

Batista picks up the new microphone and gets booed out of the building.

Batista tells Stephanie McMahon that he respects Triple H very much, but Triple H has never beaten him. Batista claims that if Triple H makes it to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania 30, he won’t beat Batista there either. And neither will Randy Orton.

Batista tells Randy Orton that he makes him sick because he’s sucking up to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Batista tells Orton to lean in closer and drool on Stephanie some more. Batista tells Orton that he hates to break Orton’s heart. but he thinks Stephanie has been drooled on before. Batista corrects himself by saying Stephanie has been drooled on a lot.

Stephanie McMahon retaliates by slapping Batista in the face.

stephbatistaslap02Courtesy of WrasslorMonkey

Stephanie McMahon walks off as Randy Orton laughs at Batista.

ortonlaugh01 ortonlaugh02


Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

Batista spears Randy Orton.

Match 01: Number One Contenders Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. #ScumbagSheamus (With Big E. On Commentary)


Christian gets thrown into the barricade.


Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

Dolph Ziggler hits a Top Rope X-Factor on #ScumbagSheamus.

dolphtopropefaceslamCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Dolph Ziggler only gets a two count.

Dolph Ziggler drops Alberto Del Rio with a DDT.


Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

#ScumbagSheamus locks the Cloverleaf on Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio locks the Cross Armbreaker on #ScumbagSheamus.

sheamusdelrio01 sheamusdelrio02

Dolph Ziggler hits a Super Zig-Zag on Alberto Del Rio!


Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

Christian sneaks up and hits the Killswitch on Dolph Ziggler.

Winner: Christian


Post-Match, Big E. tries to shake Christian’s hand, but Christian walks away.

The Wyatt Family Speaks:


Bray Wyatt sings “He’s Got The Whole World” then says people don’t usually believe in things they can’t sing and touch. Wyatt says in the case of John Cena, we all see him because his billboards and infomercials are being shoved down our throats every day. Bray Wyatt says he sees John Cena, but asks if Cena has taken the time out to see what Bray Wyatt really is. Bray Wyatt says he is the way into the city of woe, eternal pain and the way to go among the lost because beyond time, he stands.

Bray Wyatt asks John Cena what could he possibly do to harm something that just can’t feel/. Luke Harper says he can hear John Cena whispering, but now, The Wyatt Family is coming to find him. Bray Wyatt ends the promo by saying “Run.”

Match 02: Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara (With Scooby-Doo)


CM Punk chants break out.

Winner: Sin Cara


Match 03: Rybaxel vs. Los Matadores

The Shield comes out through the crowd.


The Shield’s distraction allows Diego to roll up Ryback for the win.

Winners: Los Matadores


Post-Match, The Shield destroy Rybaxel and hit Ryback with the Triple Powerbomb.

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