Highlight Reel: Larger Than Life

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We had a great 2013 at 3manbooth.com. We were able to go to lots of live wrestling shows, including Wrestlemania 29 and, more importantly, the RAW after Wrestlemania 29. But We were there for over a dozen shows between from WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, Chikara (RIP), DragonGateUSA, FWE and Kaiju Big Battel. And when we weren’t going to those – and sometimes¬† even when we were – we were tweeting while watching RAW and PPVs, making everything more fun.

We look forward to doing the same in 2014 and more. So let’s toast to 2013 via this WWF “Year in Review” video. It originally aired in 2000 on Sunday Night Heat; set to the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger than Life,” it featured footage from the Attitude Era, which was both appropriate and inappropriate for the music.

Please Note: some of the moments in the video are not for the little ones; this was the Attitude Era after all. Please exercise caution.

Thanks for the memories, 2013! You’re larger than life.

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