Snapshots: Power Diva

In Snapshots, 3MBooth searches for images to share.

Every week, releases their Power Rankings to show who’s makin’ moves within the company. This week, heading the top (or bottom) of the list, depending on which way you read it, was a controversial entry.


That’s right! Total Divas’ own JoJo, last seen on RAW teaming with Natalya and Eva Marie has made it on the list! Despite doing absolutely nothing in the match!

We don’t know the criteria for making it into the Power Rankings, but clearly, JoJo accomplished something that maybe we were all missing. Maybe it was her cheery attitude? Or the buzz she was getting on Social Media? Maybe WWE has a Wild N’ Crazy quota and they had to fill it. Who knows! All we know is JoJo is impressing somebody. Maybe, we will see her accomplish more on RAW this week. If not, at least she’ll provide the Wild ‘N Crazy Hair.

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