Snapshots: Oh Photo Rico!

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Last week, WWE’s newest tag team, Los Matadores made their WWE debut defeating 3MB on RAW. While we are happy to see the WWE put more focus on their tag team division, we noticed that the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Devils, Primo and Epico, haven’t been seen in months! There are rumors swirling around that Primo and Epico decided to take a more behind the scenes approach and let other teams like Los Matadores have the spotlight, but we’re not sure those are true. 
Nonetheless, we miss Primo and Epico. They were confident, talented and surprisingly very photogenic (Primo at least.) Here are a few photos, spotlighting the Photogetic Primo (And one of Epico) that you may not have seen before. Primo and Epico may be gone for now, but his faces will forever live on in these photos.
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