Cheap Pop: Scary Headlocked Tales

In Cheap Pop, Three Man Booth discusses random topics 
with a slight historical bend.

Wrestling is a world where, inherently, someone always feels slighted. Every match has at least 2 participants, each with their own fans: one has to win and one has to lose. In the case of double count-outs or double DQs, aka ‘the loopholes,’ nobody wins. So where those disenchanted go to feel better? Certainly not the Comments Section! #DontReadtheComments.

Instead, support some creative endeavors via Kickstarter. Through Kickstarter, you can make a small or large donation and be a part of exclusive, guaranteed awesomeness. For example, the next chapter of Mike Kingston’s Headlocked Comics, is being financed through Kickstarter. The Last Territory will pick up with the life of Mike Hartmann after the failures he endured in the first collection, A Single Step. Kingston captures the struggles that a wrestler, or a potential wrestler, go through to gain acclaim in the sport. Headlocked also makes a strong argument for professional wrestling as an art form: art is often defined by the struggles an artist endures and how many painters have had to take a Ric Flair chop?

Not only is Headlocked: The Last Territory already funded, but it’s wrestler backed! Jerry Lawler, Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam and Davari were involved pre-Kickstarter as they are post-Kickstarter; now, Mr. Anderson, Beth Phoenix, Jill Thompson, Shane Helms, and Judah Friedlander are part of the extra rewards when you donate more. It’s like telling me that Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins was a lock but now Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro is being added to the card! Check it out here and please donate if you can.

Speaking of Jill Thompson, friend of the Booth, she has her own Kickstarter currently running. Her original project, Scary Godmother, is making the leap from comics and television to the world of collectibles. Calling the collectible a “doll” is unfair. It has 15 points of articulation, making it more Action Figure than anything. No matter what you call it, the Scary Godmother action figure will be the first to unify the WWE and Divas championships.

But, if you can’t spring for the top reward, Jill Thompson also set cool prizes at other reward levels, like a CM Punk WWE Champion print for her wrestling fans. Scary Godmother may already be funded but joining now, much like Headlocked Comics, means you will  be able to get these prizes that are not available anywhere else. Plus, when someone has Daniel Bryan as their personal bodyguard and celebrates getting funded by YES! Galloping through the streets of Chicago, wouldn’t you want to give them your money?

There’s another Kickstarter with a connection to Jill Thompson: Cartozia Tales. It’s a comic saga that aims to tell a story that’s rarely done. Each issue of the 10 issue set consists of 9 short stories that map out portions of the fictional island of Cartozia. By the time you reach the 10th issue, you will be able to go back to the beginning and relive a fully realized island. While the premise is aimed at kids, it is an all ages series so that grown-up kids can enjoy it as well.

And, if both Cartozia Tales and Scary Godmother are funded, they will each contribute to each other’s projects, the same way Jill is contributing to Headlocked Comics: The Last Territory. The Kickstarter creators – at the least the ones we like – are a close knit group, much like the wrestlers we admire. Together, they are putting together not only great individual projects by also phenomenal collaborative efforts. If you’re worried that there won’t be enough wrestling in Cartozia Tales, don’t worry. So far, only 2 issues have been made. There’s plenty of unexplored island left and I’m sure there’s enough uncharted terrain for someone to stumble across Parts Unknown, home to that ancient form of grappling. Give it a shot.

Here are 3 fun projects by wrestling fans that, if you can, should be supported. They follow the old adage: when creative has nothing for you, make something for yourself.

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