So That Happened: Total Divas (09/08/13)

Eva Marie is driving when she gets a phone call.

Eva Marie gets told that Maxim is interested in doing a photoshoot with her.

Cam’ron is going out tonight, but Vincent wants to join her. Cam’ron tells her to do the work he needs to do, but he insists on going out with her. Cam’ron screams till he leaves her alone.

Nikki Bella talks about living the dream of a WWE Diva and being able to meet fans and celebrities. Nikki Bella watches John Cena get stretched out by a stretch therapist.

It’s Nikki Bella’s turn to get stretched out. Nikki Bella gets stretched out by the trainer.

Cam’ron, Natalya, Eva Marie and JoJo are having lunch together.

Eva Marie reveals that Maxim wants her to do a photoshoot for her. The Divas feign happiness for her. Natalya thinks Eva Marie has an it factor. Cam’ron doesn’t want to be replaced. And JoJo feels she needs to step up and make a push.

JoJo practices her singing. Eva Marie is impressed with her singing and JoJo reveals that she wants to sing the National Anthem.

JoJo tells Eva Marie that she wants to add singing into her character. Eva Marie thinks it’s cool, but reveals in a confessional that she wonders if JoJo wants to be a singer or a wrestler.

Now all the Total Divas except Naomi are having dinner. Eva Marie reveals this time to The Bellas that she’s going to be in Maxim. The Bellas feign interest. Cam’ron tells the Total Divas that Vincent wants her to meet the family.

Cam’ron is hesitant. Cam’ron reveals that she’s loves Vincent, but doesn’t know if she wants to marry him.

The Divas are actually wrestling. Nikki Bella gets hurt when Kaitlyn tosses Brie into her. Nikki Bella doesn’t want to go to the doctor to check on her injured shin, which has been hurt for years, due to a previous soccer injury.

Brie Bella wants Nikki Bella to get her leg checked out, but Nikki doesn’t want to too. Brie tells Nikki that if Nikki doesn’t do something about it, Brie will.

Eva Marie has her Maxim photoshoot. She loves it.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are having coffee. Nikki Bella reveals that her shin is hurting and John Cena thinks she should get it checked out. Nikki Bella doesn’t want to take time off because of her career, because she doesn’t have time to be hurt. John Cena thinks she needs to get checked out before she makes her injury worse.

Vincent wants Cam’ron to meet his family but Cam’ron is more into her dog Glitty’s mani-pedi. Cam’ron reluctantly agrees to meet Vincent’s family.

Eva Marie returns home and tells JoJo the good news about her Maxim photoshoot.

JoJo seems distant and not into Eva Marie’s big news. Eva Marie calls JoJo out on not supporting her and being childish.

JoJo and Naomi are working out with Jimmy Uso and talking about their futures. JoJo reveals she wants to sing the National Anthem.

Naomi thinks it’s a good idea, but a hard song to sing. Naomi suggests that she sing the Funkadactyls theme song. Jimmy Uso just wants them to get back to training.

Nikki Bella gets her shin injury checked out. It’s not good news. Nikki Bella is pissed off and takes it out on Brie Bella. Brie is angry that this Nikki Bella injury might kick her off of TV too.

Natalya vents to Eva Marie about their busy schedule and putting the wedding together with Tyson Kidd. Natalya says sometimes she is around Tyson Kidd too much then says she can’t imagine being around JoJo 24/7.

Eva Marie vents about sharing everything with JoJo and being with her 24/7. Eva Mare says it was fun at first, but she’s starting to notice that JoJo has never lived with anyone. I.E. JoJo doesn’t do the dishes.

Eva Marie is happy that JoJo wants to sing, but thinks she needs to be focused on other stuff. Natalya thinks JoJo should be working on wrestling instead of singing. Natalya says not everyone can do what they do, otherwise there would be 50 girls from Hooters in the WWE. Natalya is about to say more about Hooters Girls, but finds out Eva Marie was a Hooters Girl!

Naomi and JoJo go to Emerald City Recording Studio to record a new version of “Somebody Call My Momma” with Naomi’s Dad, Shawn.

JoJo and Naomi sing in the booth.

Cam’ron meets Vincent’s family. Cam’ron is a little weirded out by the family and how into the fact that her Dad wants her to be married and have children. Vincent’s Dad says he doesn’t want his son to leave the house not married.

Eva Marie is doing the dishes until JoJo gets a phone call.

JoJo finds out that Jane likes her and Naomi’s song and wants them to try it out on the show. JoJo is excited.

Vincent wants a kiss, but Cam’ron is kissing Glitty. Vincent doesn’t want her doing that since it’s gross.

Vincent says he has a surprise for Cam’ron. Vincent takes Cam’ron to a ring shop.

Vincent wants to take the next step and get married.

Cam’ron leaves the shop. Cam’ron thinks Vincent is moving way too fast. Vincent chases Cam’ron out the store as she starts crying. Cam’ron says she needs time and there’s a lot of pressure.

Vincent says they can get through this, but Cam’ron says she cares for Vincent, but needs to take a step back and needs some space. Vincent wants to work on their problems and agrees to postpone any plans to get married.

The Bella Twins visit Doctor Sampson. Doc Sampson reveals that Nikki Bella has a pretty significant stress fracture by showing the x-rays on his phone. Nikki will be out for at least 12 weeks. Nikki Bella doesn’t want to tell WWE Creative but she has to.

Cam’ron, Naomi and JoJo are practicing their routine, but not getting it right.

Mr. McMahon walks up and tells them that he’s looking forward to their performance tonight.

Naomi starts coughing and feeling nervous. She’s been battling a cold all week.

Cam’ron, Naomi and JoJo perform Somebody Call My Mama as Eva Marie, Brie Bella and Jane watch. It’s not very good.

Eva Marie is kinda excited to see JoJo fall on her face.

Eva Marie and Brie Bella ask JoJo and The Funkadactyls how they think the performance went. They knew it was messed up but Cam’ron is happy how it came out anyway.

Mark breaks the news to the Bella Twins that he spoke to creative and that Nikki Bella is has to go home due to her injury.

So That Happened:

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