The IWC: Ramon Villalobos

MB wants to Highlight The IWC; No Not that IWC. The Illustrated Wrestling Community 

Ramon Villalobos is no stranger here at ThreeManBooth. Some say he might even be the 3rd Man (3rd Man: No, he’s not.). But we are fans of his art, depicting Batman and Bane, CM Punk or virtual fighters – not to be confused with Virtua Fighter – Zangief and El Jefe. Each time we discuss doing a spotlight on him in the 3ManBooth offices, he comes up with something completely new. I could go on and on about this depiction of El Generico, the independent Wrestler that still gets cheers of “Ole!” in Ring of Honor, despite no longer being a part of that organization.

Who Wouldn’t Want a Poster of This?

How cool does that look? It captures both the joy and the intensity that El Generico brought to his matches. Ramon can also add wrestling to non-wrestling situations and have it make complete sense. He has a running series, Man of 1000 Holds, where he depicts fictional characters performing wrestling holds. Ramon captured Daenerys Targaryen, from HBO’s Game of Thrones,  performing a Dragon Sleeper. If the Mother of Dragons defeated all her rivals with the Dragon Sleeper, we’d not only watch the show but we’d read the books. Winter may be coming but it’s tapping out!

In another piece, Ramon has Wonder Woman apply a single leg Boston Crab to fellow demi-god Hercules. Wonder Woman even takes the hold to to Liontamer levels, arching the leg and placing her foot on the back of Herc’s head for added effect. To defeat the son of Zeus, the Daughter of Hippolyte needs a little ruthless aggression.

If it wasn’t clear that, from the work above, Ramon was a talented artist and wrestling fan, then maybe his Instagram account holds the true spark. There, Ramon posts warm-up sketches based on the whatever he’s watching at the time. While were tweeting our excitement during CM Punk versus Brock Lesnar or holding our breath during Daniel Bryan versus John Cena at SummerSlam, Ramon was sketching signature moments from each match.

Ramon perfectly captured the aggression that CM Punk and Brock Lesnar unfurled at each other, whether they were strikes or submissions. The move that ended John Cena’s WWE title reign, Daniel Bryan’s driving flying knee, is not only perfectly depicted but also perfectly captures that swift and powerful change in the guard of the WWE. Again, these are only sketches; that means that all his pieces come from a place of pure passion.

Follow Ramon Villalobos on Twitter, Tumblr for his future projects and wrestling comments. Also, you can support him by buying some of his designs on his Society6 page.

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