So That Happened: 08/19/13

RAW opens with John Cena.



John Cena mentions the rowdy crowd tonight in Anaheim, and says he agrees with them because he’s also not happy about what happened last night at Summerslam. Cena is cut off by a loud “Cena Sucks” chant.

John Cena thanks the crowd for a “warm Anaheim welcome” then reminds us that he said the next person to hold the WWE Championship would earn it, and last night at Summerslam, Daniel Bryan earned it. After a loud “YES!” chant, Cena publicly thanks Daniel Bryan for bringing out the best of him and that a WWE Superstar should be judged by a commitment to excellence in this very ring.

John Cena says he and Daniel Bryan have the same dedication to compete in this ring and that is the reason he chose Bryan as his opponent for Summerslam, despite being told not to. Cena tells us that he has a torn triceps.


John Cena tells us that the doctors wanted him to go home, but he refused and that he’s not using this injury as an excuse. Cena says last night he was defeated by a better man in a clean fight, and that’s all he wanted: A clean fight.

John Cena tells us that he was disgusted, offended and disgraced when he found out about Triple H and Randy Orton’s plan to win the WWE Championship. Unfortunately for Cena, he can’t put off his surgery any longer and he has to leave the WWE. The crowd erupts and Cena says he loves them, but he’s going to be gone for the next 4-6 Months.


John Cena says before he goes, he wants to introduce the man who’s earned his respect and the right to be called “Champion.” John Cena introduces Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan comes out and shakes hands with John Cena. Cena leaves the ring and loud “YES!” and “Daniel Bryan” chants break out. Bryan gets ready to speak, but is cut off by Stephanie McMahon’s music.



Stephanie McMahon apologizes to Daniel Bryan and that he didn’t deserve to have the WWE Championship snatched away from him like that. Stephanie tells Bryan that she hopes he understands that her husband Triple H was only doing what’s best for business. A loud “NO!” chant breaks out.

Daniel Bryan mentions the “NO!” chants and says that the people disagree about what’s best for business. A “YES!” chant breaks out as Daniel Bryan says he expects these type of shenanigans from The McMahons but not Triple H. Bryan says that Triple H was a rebel and a renegade, but now he’s wearing a suit and has a corporate haircut. Bryan tells Stephanie that the old saying is true: When you lie down with trash, sooner or later, you start to stink.


Stephanie McMahon tells Daniel Bryan he’s upset so she’s gonna let it slide. Daniel Bryan responds with Homer Simpson like sarcasm, then asks if Stephanie is going to fire him. Bryan says if he gets fired, he will go back to wrestling in armories and selling t-shirts out of his car, and that he is not afraid of being fired. Bryan says before he leaves, he’s going to get his money’s worth and he doesn’t care if it’s Triple H or Randy Orton, but he will really give the WWE a reason to fire him.



Stephanie McMahon tells Daniel Bryan that no one wants to fire him and that his anger management issues are messing with his mind. Stephanie says she and Triple H think that Bryan is very valued here and that he is The Ultimate Underdog, but she needs to manage his expectations. Stephanie says that not everyone can be face of the company or WWE Championship Material. Stephanie McMahon starts to mock Daniel Bryan’s height and weight, but says that Daniel Bryan has a place here. Stephanie tells Daniel Bryan that he might not be an A, but he is a solid B+.



Daniel Bryan tells Stephanie McMahon that it’s funny because Stephanie McMahon is starting to remind him of a word that begins with “B.” After a “B” chant, Bryan says he understand Stephanie is trying to do her job and rationalize Triple H’s behavior, but he doesn’t have to accept it or relegated to being a B+. Daniel Bryan tells Stephanie Mcahon that he can be WWE Champion and she doesn’t care what he thinks. Stephanie McMahon tries to calm Daniel Bryan down, but Daniel Bryan snatches Stephanie’s mic and throws it down.

Stephanie McMahon gets a new mic then tells Daniel Bryan to calm down. Stephanie tells Daniel Bryan that she will not be intimidated by the likes of him, and that Bryan is being unprofessional and uncouth. Stephanie McMahon calls for security.




Security comes out and Stephanie McMahon claims she doesn’t want to do this. Stephanie McMahon asks security to escort Daniel Bryan from the building.



Daniel Bryan is escorted out by security while screaming “NO!”


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