So That Happened Total Divas: 08/18/13

Now onto the show!

Natalya and Nikki Bella go shopping. Natalya vents about her problems with Tyson Kidd and how Tyson Kidd spends more time with the cats than her.

Nikki Bella makes Natalya buy Lingerie.

Nikki Bella brags about her implants to Cam’ron. Cam’ron pretends to try and get fake boobs, but Naomi tries to talk her out of it. The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls do an autograph signing. Nikki continues to brag about her fake boobs while Cam’ron tries to get Naomi to come with her to an appointment for fake boobs.

Brie Bella talks about wanting to go on a cleanse for the Summerslam photoshoot and lose 3 extra pounds. Daniel Bryan jokes that she can’t have pancakes anymore.

Natalya tries to get Tyson Kidd to notice him, but he’s watching Extreme Rules.

Natalya slips into the black lingerie, but Tyson Kidd just gives her a noogie on the forehead. Natalya claims that if she dressed like Daniel Bryan he’d be into her.

Nikki Bella is hanging with Eva Marie talking about Twitter. Eva Marie notices a tweet about Nikki Bella being fat and brings it to her attention. Nikki tries to ignore the haters.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan challenge Nikki Bella to complete a 20 Day Juice Cleanse. No Alcohol or Food. Just Juice.

Cam’ron meets Naomi and Jimmy Uso. Cam’ron talks about her new dog and why Jimmy Uso is here, but Naomi thinks Jimmy will be a good male perspective. They get in the car and the dog almost vomits.

The Doctor tells Cam’ron about her implants and asks her to feel her boobs. After Cameron and Naomi feel her boobs, Naomi invites Jimmy Uso in to feel them!

Jimmy Uso gets to feel boobies as the Doctor tells Cam’ron that if she got implants, the recovery would take 2 months, which Naomi isn’t happy about.

Brie and Nikki Bella go to work out and drink healthy shakes (Go-Green Goes.) Brie loves it, while Nikki thinks it feels like eating someone’s garden.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd are talking about getting married. Natalya wants 150 people at their wedding (WWE family, Hart Family, etc.) Tyson Kidd does not seem too interested.

While driving, Brie Bella asks Nikki Bella about the cleanse. Nikki hates it and feels like she wants to kill someone.

Naomi and Cam’ron are at the pool. Cam’ron shows off her new fake boobs then gets persuaded to take a dip in the pool. Cam’ron’s boobs fall out!

Brie Bella finds out that Nikki Bella cheated through the cleanse by drinking wine and eating a muffin.

Brie Bella calls Nikki Bella fat and goes off on her, but Nikki defends herself saying she’s not even fat.

Vincent is obsessed with Cam’ron’s implants. Cam’ron is a little creeped out about how much he’s into it.

Brie and Nikki Bella are doing their Summerslam Photoshoot. Nikki apologizes for cheating on the cleanse, then yells at Brie about how much Brie makes her feel bad about being “overweight.” Nikki walks off. Brie and Nikki vent about their insecurities and weight problems/lack of weight problems. Brie always feels insecure and that she needs to lose more weight. The two apologize to each other, and then do the photoshoot.

Tyson Kidd tells Natalya that he has a surprise for her and takes her on a car ride.

Natalya realizes it’s a sketchy area. Tyson Kidd reveals that he’s taken her to the courthouse.

Natalya snaps on him saying that all he cares about is himself and that he pays attention to the cats more than she does him. Natalya says she doesn’t want to marry him anymore.

Cam’ron shows off her boobs to Damien Sandow (You’re Welcome)

Cam’ron goes to Sandra for advice.

Cameron tries to get Sandra to sew her new boobs into her outfit. Naomi disagrees, but Sandra wants her to do it.

Cam’ron shows off her boobs to The Bellas, JoJo and Eva Marie.

Cam’ron tries to find her boobs, but someone stole one of her boobs. Cam’ron accuses Naomi of stealing it but Naomi denies it. Cam’ron doesn’t think she can go out there without no boobs. Naomi walks off without Cam’ron. Cam’ron desperately tries to put toilet paper in to fix her fake boobs. Cam’ron comes down to the ring.

John Cena watches Cam’ron’s match with The Bella Twins. The Bellas reveal they stole the fake boob.

John Cena tells Nikki Bella that what she did was wrong and she needs to apologize.

Cam’ron goes backstage The Bellas reveal that they stole the boobs as a joke and that her toilet tissue was out. The Bellas apologize, but Cam’ron says karma’s a bitch and they’ll get her back.

Cam’Ron says she’s not getting implants because she wants to be a role model. Brie jokes around with the fake boobs.

Tyson Kidd has a romantic night with Natalya.

Tyson Kidd actually wants to have a real wedding with Natalya!

Natalya tries to pitch ideas for the wedding.

So That Happened:

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