So That Happened: Total Divas (08/04/13)

Eva Marie and JoJo check out Monday Night RAW. Eva sees Fandango make his entrance then gets the idea to audition to be Fandango’s permanent dance partner.

Cam’ron and Naomi are trying to find an outfit to wrestle in. Cam’ron thinks The Funkadactyls need a new seamstress since Sandra the Seamstress barely got their outfit ready in time for Wrestlemania. Naomi (Who’s wearing AJ Lee’s t-shirt) disagrees.

The Bella Twins are excited about their upcoming Life Swap with Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Meanwhile, Eva Marie and JoJo meet up with Natalya. Eva Marie expresses to Natalya interest in being Fandango’s dance partner.

Fandango walks up as they’re talking.

Fandango flirts with Eva Marie and JoJo and is interested in Eva Marie being his dance partner.

The Bellas talk with the Road Dogg about their upcoming match against Naomi. They explain to the viewers that they’re playing characters and aren’t like that in real life.

Eva Marie talks to Jane and Mark about possibly being Fandango’s permanent dancer. Eva claims she has a ballroom, ballet dance background. Mark and Jane give Eva Marie the green light to audition for Fandango at the next RAW.

Fandango talks with JoJo and Eva Marie. Eva Marie says she thinks Fandango needs him.

After Fandango walks off, JoJo and Eva Marie talk about Eva possibly being Fandango’s Ballroom Dancing, but Eva reveals that she doesn’t have any Ballroom Dancing Experience!

John Cena, Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins get on a Private Jet to Tampa, Florida!

Brie Bella reveals that she hasn’t been on vacation with Daniel Bryan in over a year.

Nikki Bella is pissed that Eva Marie tweeted about wanting to be John Cena’s tag partner. Cena admires her Hustle, but isn’t big on her Loyalty or Respect.

Eva Marie’s boyfriend shows up randomly and proposes to her. Eva Marie is engaged!

Cam’ron (with Vincent in the car) calls a new designer about possibly getting new attire. Apparently, this guy is “”

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are amazed at John Cena’s house. Nikki Bella shows Brie and Daniel around the house.

Nikki Bella shows off John Cena’s Guest House:

Daniel Bryan asks Brie Bella about John Cena’s house and jokes that it’s much better than his.

Eva Marie says goodbye to her new fiancé then talks to JoJo about her date with Fandango. Eva Marie takes off her engagement ring, which JoJo thinks is going too far!

John Cena, Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins dive from the top of John Cena’s indoor waterfall. Brie Bella feels like she’s in a rap video and Bryan talks about his “rap career.”

Fandango and Eva Marie have dinner together. Eva Marie reminds Fandango about the time he kissed his own hand. Eva Marie tries to pitch herself to be Fandango’s dancer, but Fandango just keeps flirting with her. Fandango and Eva Marie go to the club with other WWE Superstars and Fandango continues the flirting.

John Cena, Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins go off to Bryan’s place in Aberdeen, Washington. They’re going to have a wood chopping competition. If The Bellas win, they get massages for a month. If Cena and Bryan win…they get to keep dating the Bellas. I don’t know.

Daniel Bryan gives a tour of Aberdeen, Washington and his childhood house.

John Cena brings up that Daniel Bryan has no TV. Bryan says it’s not his thing, but shows the deer antlers that he has.

John Cena asks Brie Bella about Daniel Bryan’s house and her potential future living in the house. Brie doesn’t want to change stuff since it’s Bryan’s childhood house, but Nikki thinks she should.

Naomi is with Jimmy Uso and JoJo are hanging out when Naomi gets a call from Cam’ron. Cam’ron hypes up the new outfits and talks about how Naomi’s booty meat will be hanging out of the outfit.

Jimmy Uso is not impressed and mocks the way Cam’ron speaks on the phone.

John Cena, Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins begin their Wood Chopping competition. The Bellas are dressed provocatively. Cena explains the rules. 3 Minutes per participant. The Bellas are successfully able to chop 8 pieces of wood.

John Cena chops bunch of wood in record time, but Daniel Bryan takes his time. Time runs out and The Bellas win. Bryan reveals that he was trying to chop one piece so that they could tie with the girls.

The Bella Twins go to get wine AKA vent about Daniel Bryan’s house and living arrangements. Brie tells Nikki about not wanting to move to Aberdeen. Nikki thinks Brie’s not meant to be in Aberdeen and that Daniel Bryan’s house should be demolished.

Eva Marie is freaking out about possibly dancing with Fandango. Fandango tells her not to freak out on him. Eva Marie and JoJo talk to Natalya (Dressed as Shawn Michaels) and the Funkadactyls about Eva dancing with Fandango tonight. Natalya suggests if Eva has trouble dancing, she should talk to Naomi, who is a trained daner.

The Funkadactyls scold Eva Marie for not knowing how to do “the splits.”

Fandango and Eva Marie get ready to practice dancing together for the first time.

Eva Marie shows off her dancing skills…which she learned from Sin Cara.

Fandango refuses to try it again, then walks off.

Cam’ron has Naomi try on the new attire. Naomi is not happy because her new attire is very revealing!

Cam’ron and Naomi try to get Sandra to fix Naomi’s situation.

Cam’ron tries to apologize for going behind Sandra’s back and tries to get Sandra to tweak Naomi’s outfit, which Sandra isn’t happy about because it’s someone else’s work.

Cam’ron takes this as disrespect and says The Funkadactyls won’t be going to her anymore. Naomi disagrees with this.

Sandra and Naomi make Cam’ron apologize for going behind her back. Sandra still doesn’t do over Naomi’s attire and they’re forced to put on old outfits, which Naomi likes, but Cam’ron doesn’t because it makes her look like she has small boobs.

Eva Marie is sitting down nervous, waiting for Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie McMahon arrives.

Eva Marie has her meeting with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie McMahon tells Eva that she doesn’t even know who she is, but she embarrassed the company. Eva apologizes and claims it will never happen again. Stephanie tells her if she does this again, not only will she be gone, but she won’t come back.

So That Happened:

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