Highlight Reel: Use The Force

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

May 4th is also known as Star Wars Day because the phrase “May the Force Be With You,” a classic line from the original trilogy, delightfully transforms into the pun, “May the Fourth Be With You.” It is possibly ThreeManBooth’s second favorite pun, right behind “I Choo-Choo-Choose You.” Star Wars Day celebrates the saga for its Adventure, Story, Culture and Fashion, Wrestling appreciates Star Wars for a very specific reason: Plunder.

Star Wars revolutionized wrestling with the introduction of one item: the lightsaber. A lightsaber in or around a wrestling ring causes everyone to revert fondly to those times spent twirling a cardboard tube or a broomstick like a lightsaber as an adult child. But when two lightsabers are introduced? Well, PWG’s Joey Ryan and Scott Lost show us that it’s Duel time:

Even with the lights on, lightsabers and wrestling matches are a wildly popular combination. Or, if lightsabers cannot be found – for legal reasons – then a reasonable facsimile will do. In 2010, TNA paid tribute to the Hardcore Wrestling Style made popular by ECW during the 90’s and 00’s with the PPV HardCORE Justice. [Caution: Due to copyright concerns, there will be several strikethroughs coming up. Please don’t sue.] A Hardcore match between Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney Kahoneys, The Dudley Boyz Team 3D (Bubba Bully Ray Dudley and D-Von Devon Dudley) broke down into chaos, which was expected. But what was not expected was Kahoneys’ versatility as a Hardcore wrestler, showing off his lightsaber lasersword skills! But Bully Ray, no slouch when it comes to dishing out damage with unconventional items, was up for the challenge. What resulted was a lasersword reenactment of extreme proportions!

There is even a little “vintage” dancing during the match! The crowd, who clearly didn’t get the same memo re: trademarks, were in a frenzy, making this standout moment even more fun! which would not have been possible without Star Wars.

Happy Star Wars Day, Everyone!
May the Force Be With You!
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