Happy Birthday to the BLOG!

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since threemanbooth.com launched. When we started, the goal was to take CM Punk’s illustrious words and make Wrestling fun again. The past year taught us that wrestling can only be as fun if you make it fun. There are certainly a lot of things that do that.

We chose 3 posts from the past year that showed off our ThreeManBooth-iness:

KeepItFiveStar: Fantasy GM AJ
Besides the weekly RAW Recap, this meme is one of my favorites on the site. Fantasy GM AJ started in our “I Have Til 5” post about AJ Lee making nerdy matches as General Manager. I loved the post so much that I took it one step further and turned it into a Meme. 31 pictures later,  it is still one of our most popular Memes. Call me a delusional fanboy, but I like to think that AJ’s seen at least one of those photos. AJ, if you ever come across any of the things we’ve done about you here at Three Man Booth, I’d like to say: Thanks for the inspiration, and are you free for dinner sometime next week?

LeKeith: Al Bundy Saved Wrestling
Celebrities being involvement in professional wrestling is always talked about … and always hated. But personally, if not for Ed O’Neil aka Al Bundy from Married With Children, I probably would have chosen Perfect Strangers over Saturday Night’s Main Event on that night in 1992. Then this site would be ThreeManStrangers instead, which does not sound like the wings of my dreams.

ThreeManBooth: Cover of HBK’s “Sexy Boy”
Even the best wrestling theme songs are kind of bad, on the grand spectrum of music. You’ll never mistake something like Zack Ryder’s “Oh, Radio” for a long lost Beatles track. When someone musically talented like John Clinebell takes Shawn Michaels’ “Sexy Boy” and makes it sound like a rendition you would hear from a contestant on The Voice, that should be celebrated.

But we found that we have the most fun when tweeting about wrestling (be it Pay Per Views, iMPACT and especially Monday Night RAW) with everyone. And for that, Thank You. Please have a digital piece of cake with us although cake and wrestling usually don’t go well together.

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