Flaming Meme’s: Bird Sanctuary Face

In Flaming Meme, we look at Simpsons inspired memes.
One thing our predecessor, Three Man Booth knew how to do was make a good meme. A groin-grabbingly good meme! So we at Three Eyed Fish would like to keep that tradition going with our new Memes section: Flaming Meme’s!

Blame Tibor for the shoddy graphic.

For our first Simpsons meme, we decided to go with a picture from the hilarious Bird Sanctuary scene. The powers that be have done a great job of keeping that clip off the internet, but long story short, Bart and Lisa want to go to Itchy and Scratchy Land for vacation. Marge says she’s already planned this year’s family vacation and it’s to the Highway Nine Bird Sanctuary! Bart and Lisa respond accordingly.

We’ve all made this face at some point in our lives. Like when this happens:

Or this…

Or unfortunately this…

You can find the rest of these Memes over at our Facebook Page. More Simpsons Memes are on the way…with sexy results!

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