Unprofessional Wrestling: Dr. Nature Boy

The 3ManBooth DVR records anything with “Wrestling” in the Title or Description. Good or Bad, We’ll Share Its Unprofessional Wrestling

Stuff You Should Know is a famous podcast featuring Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark who take a topic and thoroughly discuss it. They go over topics ranging from “How Scooby Doo Works” to “What Would Happen if the World Stopping Spinning?” Its popularity has now leaped from the ears of its listeners to the screen on televisions courtesy of the Science Channel.

Part information session, part improv comedy, Stuff You Should Know is able to both delight and inform. bringing in people like physicist Michio Kaku to play … Michio Kaku. But, the real surprise came in the “Bacteropolis” episode where the hosts – Josh and Chuck – and their producer Jeri were quarantined for fear of necrotizing fasciitis and had to wait for Dr. Royland Grayson to give them the medical thumbs up or a Woo rather. Richard Grayson was played by The Nature Boy Ric Flair!

Image Courtesy of Stuff You Should Know
In this bonus clip from the show, the hosts talk about what it was like to work with 16 time World Champion and have a fun with his acting abilities and the difficulty the champion had with saying “necrotizing fasciitis.”

Oh, well. I’m sure that the other parts of “playing doctor” came naturally to the Nature Boy. Catch Stuff You Should Know on the Science Channel. You never know they will talk about next.

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