Snapshots: Poll Tricks

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On Monday Night RAW, The Rock introduced a new WWE Championship Belt, effectively sending the “Spinner Belt” to the Hall of Fame (or the Trashcan if you read our Recap). Shortly after the reveal, the put up a poll asking the WWE Universe to weigh in on the new hardware.

If you partook in the Poll, we hope you read it twice: It’s a trick question. See, we’re Poll experts now after our widely successful EPIC WWE Love Songs of History Poll and can tell you, it’s all in the phrasing. This poll was written so that there is only one real option.

The first choice is straightforward: “I Love It! A Great Championship for a New Era.” Now, if you agree, Boom! Simple. Done. That second option however, “I Hate It! ‘Spinner’ Championship for life” is a trap. Saying you like the “Spinner Championship” disavows any other title before it. Because it’s the Spinner Championship for life. And Wrestling knows a thing or two about 4 Life. Selecting the second option means you don’t even like the the “Winged Eagle Championship”, you know the one that people love enough to get Tattooed on them? Are you really comfortable with that choice?

Always Read The Fine Print.
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