Ask ‘Em: Harlem Hangover

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Last Week, the Harlem Shake became the latest internet sensation to go viral. For those who don’t know, the Harlem Shake is, it’s pretty much a dance video that goes from casual to crazy in the span of 30 seconds. Many version of the Harlem Shake appeared on the internet. There was the Fake Nintendo one, the REAL Nintendo One, The Avengers One, The Russo Swerve One and many more. Of course, with all these Harlem Shakes out there on the interwebs, it was only a matter of time before wrestling companies did their own version.

The first company to strike while the iron was hot was the Wrestling Is Art crew. Their Harlem Shake focuses on what happens before a show. The wrestlers are casually preparing for a show, while Jervis Cottenbelly shows off his sick dance moves. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as the wrestlers break out into a dance party/brawl at the same time.

I think this is also the only Harlem Shake video to feature a chase sequence. 

The 2nd company to give into the Harlem Shake hysteria was TNA. At an iMPACT Wrestling House Show, TNA decided to take the Matt and Kim approach and allowed the crowd to participate in the fun.

Not only does TNA get points for crowd participation, but their TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy and TNA Beer Pong Champion, James Storm are in the video. And that’s pretty cool.
Last, but not least, was the WWE’s Version of the Harlem Shake. The WWE took their Harlem Shake backstage, featuring several Superstars, Personalities and John Cena’s nemesis, Fred Flintstone.
I enjoyed WWE’s “Anything Can Happen” Backstage perspective of the video. And I’m sure some diehards were hoping for a John Cena or a Daniel Bryan to make an appearance, in the video, but the WWE does provide you with not one, but TWO Champions. If you look closely, WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn is doing her best Traffic Cop/Nurse Joy impression while former multi-time champion, Santino Marella dances in the background! And if the WWE’s Harlem Shake isn’t surprising enough for you, the fact that I called Santino a multi-time champion should be enough.
But which Harlem Shake did YOU prefer? Did you enjoy the pre-ring antics of WrestlingIsArt? The house show shenanigans of TNA iMPACT Wrestling? Or the Backstage Bedlam of the WWE? You can let us know by participating in our poll, and we will announce a winner by the end of the week.

Courtesy of xseedgames

We have a NEW Harlem Shake video! This time from SHINE Wrestling!

Over the weekend at SHINE7, Amazing Kong (Kharma to the WWE fans) and several other SHINE Wrestlers did their own rendition of The Harlem Shake.

It’s a different side of Amazing Kong, but she and the rest of SHINE Girls got some moves on her! To see this and the rest of SHINE7, check them out on iPPV.

The voting will end Saturday, March 2nd at 12:00 AM EST so please vote for your favorite Harlem Shake! Good luck to all of the nominees and thanks for voting!
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