Snapshots: RAW is Captcha

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Today, WWE released their pre-sale for tickets the post-Wrestlemania RAW through Ticketmaster. As usual, it was tough to get tickets, but the good people at Ticketmaster tried to lighten the mood with “cute” Captchas like, “delicious pizza” and “let the good times roll.” Even if you put those in, they told you it was wrong an unnecessarily difficult Captcha as punishment. While these Captchas are usually unbearable, one of them stole the show.

While I’m sure Dolph Ziggler’s finisher being used as a Captcha was a coincidence, I thought it was very fitting for Ticketmaster to use this considering I was trying to cash in and buy tickets to RAW to see Dolph Ziggler (And the rest.) Unfortunately, just like Dolph Ziggler, my cash in opportunity came up short as I was told it was wrong and was forced to put in a more difficult Captcha.

For those trying to get tickets to any of WWE’s events in New Jersey, or the ONE event in NY, good luck! Hope you get a wrestling based Captcha.

…Or no Captcha at all.

…I really really hate Captchas.

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