Snapshots: WWF Trading Cards

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The passion of the wrestling fan is like a magnet: things have a habit of finding you. While on a visit to Bottleneck Gallery, an art gallery that showcases artwork inspired by pop culture themes, we came across a thrift store. And episodes of Toy Hunter, Storage Wars and The Antiques Roadshow taught us to never pass over a Thriftstore. Plus, there’s that Macklemore song. After rummaging through Alf comics, conquering the tower of VHS tapes and unearthing a Scott Baio Vinyl Record, we came across trading cards. These were not your usual Baseball, Basketball or Football cards. These were Back to the Future, Alf (again) and WWF (yes, “F”) trading cards!

Featuring Wrestlemania 3? It’s limited edition nostalgia! Naturally, we snagged a couple just to see what we could get. First thing first, we threw away the chewing gum that came in the pack. Like Hulk Hogan’s hairline, there’s no way that held up. There are so many gems in one pack, we couldn’t help ourselves. How do you choose between a trio of: a Macho Man Randy Savage and Ms. Elizabeth Card, a George the Animal Steele Sticker or an Outback Jack Trading Card?

Steele is a WWE Hall of Famer and Savage is a lock whenever they get around to it. But how often do you get to say “Outback” in this day and age and not have to follow it up with “Steakhouse?” That’s what Outback Jack brings to the table. That and hailing from Humpty Doo, Australia.

There are also Tag Team cards, like the Hart Foundation and Demolition.

Bret Hart is known by many names – The Excellence of Execution, The Best There Ever Will Be, Our Best Friend* – but a Show Off? That’s more Dolph Ziggler’s thing. Then there’s the picture of Demolition, a tag team that 3 Man Booth LOVES. But take a look at the picture. That is definitely Ax in the ring but that is NOT Smash on the apron! It’s not Crush either (he didn’t join the group until later). Who is that Face Painted Man? Blast Demolition? Crash Demolition? Bash Demolition? Only Ax may know.

*Don’t Bring Up the Best Friend Thing to Bret if You Meet Him. It’s Rude.
**That Mysterious Demolition in that Card is Moondog Rex. So ... Rex Demolition? 

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