Snapshots: Dragon Ball WWE?

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For years, I’ve been saying that Dragon Ball Z and WWE make a great team. Seriously. If you look at an episode of RAW and an episode of WWE, it’s the same format.

1. Intro
2. Promo (CM Punk is Best In The World/Freeza threatens to Blow Up The World)
3. Match (The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players/Yamcha and Tien vs. The Ginyus)
4. Promo ( Sheamus speaks on The Big Show/Gohan speaks about Freeza)
5. Divas Match (Handsome Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn/Bulma vs. Life)

And so forth…

I thought I was the only one making these comparisons, so imagine my surprise when I saw this photo on my pop up on Tumblr Dash!

Courtesy of respectthisring

I was so amazed at this picture that I broke my scouter!

For those who haven’t seen Dragon Ball Z before, King Kai (The blue roach) trained Goku (The blonde guy, who’s not normally blonde) on King Kai’s planet to prepare for an upcoming battle against The Saiyans (Think of them as The Shield.) DBZ Purists will make a comment about Goku being more of a Master Roshi guy than a King Kai guy, while WWE Purists would compare Goku to John Cena, but that’s a different story for a different day.

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