Unprofessional Wrestling: "Camel Clutch!"

The 3ManBooth DVR records anything with “Wrestling” in the Title or Description. Good or Bad, We’ll Share Its Unprofessional Wrestling

One of the interesting things about being a wrestling fan is even when you’re not looking for professional wrestling, you find professional wrestling. In America, wrestling comes on TV at least once 5 times a week, and 6 if you count pay-per-views. There’s nothing wrong with this. We all love wrestling, but sometimes, you want to take a break from the John Cena’s and Jeff Hardy’s of the world and watch something different. Something like, oh, I don’t know, FOX’s comedy, New Girl?

Courtesy of IMDB

For those who haven’t seen New Girl, it’s a comedy about an adorkable (Their word. Not mine.) girl named Jess who lives in an apartment with three guys (Nick, Schmidt and Winston) and has a hot model best friend named CeCe. In the beginning of this week’s episode “Bathtub,” begins with the three guys watching this!

After the reveal of Hulk Hogan and The Iron Sheik, Schmidt puts Nick in a “camel clutch” that Sin Cara would be proud of.
Don’t try this at home, kids.
Shortly after, Jess shuts off the wrestling with an announcement that’s not nearly as important as the birth of Hulkamania. The rest of the episode is entertaining and  can be seen here, but the point is on Tuesday, on “The Night Of No Wrestling,” there was a wrestling reference on broadcast TV.

But the random wrestling references don’t end here. Fast Forward to Thursday’s episode of FX’s Fantasy Football Sitcom, The League.

Courtesy of jeffmoocow

As you can see in the gif above, The League is no stranger to wrestling references. But this episode takes it to a whole new level.

Semi-Spoiler Alert: Kevin thinks Andre took advantage of him by initiating a trade of one of Kevin’s players while Kevin was loopy from his colonoscopy. To settle this dispute, the guys go to Ruxon’s brother-in-law, Rafi, to for help. Rafi comes up with a plan for Kevin and Andre to settle their differences.

Courtesy of Uproxx
My small synopsis doesn’t even do the episode justice. It really needs to be seen to be believed. It’s currently not available on Hulu, but keep a look out for it. And for all you non sportsketball fans, it’s okay. The League is still watchable. Even if you don’t know your Tebows from your Free Throws. Yes, I’m aware those are two different sports.

After getting my wrestling quota filled by iMPACT, this was the last thing I expected to see on a show about Fantasy Football. Still, I enjoyed the wrestling references on a non-wrestling program. Let’s keep them coming, television  Maybe the next one will be a Colt Cabana/Happy Endings crossover.
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