Snapshots: Chikara Pro and Grill

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Survivor Series Sunday lived up to its name. In addition to the Pay Per View in the evening, other wrestling companies put on shows during day. CHIKARA, for example, had a Sunday efternoon event: The Cibernetico Rises. Starting at one in the afternoon turned this past Sunday into a marathon day of wrestling. Luckily, CHIKARA and The Highland Ballroom thought ahead and created a Wrestling themed menu to keep the fans energized throughout the day.

Whether you had the Jigsaw In a Blanket Platter or the Colt Cabana Grilled Chicken Wrap, you were able to enjoy great Wrestling on a full stomach. Hopefully, this will inspire more wrestling themed menus, for Pay Per View Parties or otherwise. One suggestion though: this is a good menu but for an early afternoon show, there should be some Brunch items. Specifically, Waffles. It’s not only a delicious food but also a good description of the action. World Waffle Emporium … I mean, World Wrestling Entertainment, I’m looking in your direction! You already have the W’s.

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