So, That Happened: Rejected Attitude Era Storylines

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The Attitude Era holds a special place in many people’s hearts. For some fans, the Attitude Era is what got them to become card carrying members of the WWE Universe. For others, it was a time when the WWE replaced wrestling with over the top storylines and Jerry Springer like antics. The Attiude Era isn’t really going to be remembered for it’s wrestling, but with an Attitude Era DVD coming out and THQ’s WWE 13 being centered around it, we at 3MB decided to have some fun on Twitter and come up #RejectedAttitudeEraStorylines hashtag.

#RejectedAttitudeEraStorylines started off with a few tweets from myself and others on our Twitter Wall, then other people started to jump in on the hashtag. The trend has stopped for now, but we took some of the  best #RejectedAttitudeEraStorylines tweets and decided to put them here for you to see! Who knows, maybe one of these rejected storylines will make it in to WWE 14, when they spotlight the Attitude Era again, except this time, it’ll be based in the year 2000. Enjoy!

Rejected Attitude Era Storylines:

 Stone Cold Steve Austin:

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The Rock:

The Undertaker:

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D-Generation X:

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WWE Divas:

Yes, I know this is a post Attitude Era picture.

Best of the Rest:

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