So That Happened: 09/24/12

RAW starts with CM Punk and Paul Heyman in the ring. Paul Heyman is standing with a microphone while CM Punk sits in a chair.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman take the show hostage and say RAW will NOT be presented this evening until justice is served.

Paul Heyman shows the footage of CM Punk losing the match despite his foot being on the rope from last week. Heyman demands Brad Maddox (AKA #Heartthrob Ref) to come down to the ring, apologize to CM Punk, admit he was wrong then resign as a referee.

#HeartthrobRef, doing his best Barack Obama impression admits he made a mistake, and says he was nervous because it was his first main event match. Paul Heyman applauds (figuratively) Heartthrob Ref for admitting his mistake, but still wants him to resign. HTR apologizes but refuses to resign. CM Punk says that HTR should be ashamed because he embarrassed himself and the WWE Champion. CM Punk continues to berade Heartthrob Ref and asks him how he can even be employed.

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Paul Heyman and CM Punk continue to berade Heartthrob Ref calling him a replacement ref and a rookie. Heyman tries to offer HTR a sleeping mask. CM Punk mocks HTR for being hired by AJ Lee and says if AJ was good at making decisions, she’d come out and fire hm. Right on cue, AJ Lee skips down to the ring.

AJ Lee sends Heartthrob Ref to the back. Paul Heyman welcomes AJ to the show and assumes she’s going to correct the decision from last week. AJ says the vintage line “when you assume, you kind of make an ass out of you and me.” AJ admits the ref made a mistake but refuses to let CM Punk and Paul Heyman take her show hostage. CM Punk says he’s the WWE Champion and that he is the reason AJ Lee has a job and that he is the reason AJ Lee picks up a check in the mailbox.

CM Punk calls AJ Lee out on disrespecting him, but then says he knows why AJ is so hostile to him. CM Punk brings up Face Punk rejecting AJ Lee’s proposal a couple months ago as the reason why he and AJ have so much tension. CM Punk says if AJ Lee forgets last week happens, he’ll forget AJ dressing up in his t-shirt and the 100 of text messages unfit to air on the USA Network.

CM Punk “apologizes” for embarrassing AJ Lee then tells her to let everyone know how intimate they were behind closed doors. CM Punk says he’s the reason there’s a skip in AJ’s step and tells AJ Lee to tell the WWE Universe that he is the Best In The World.

Paul Heyman stops CM Punk from going further then reminds him about political waters. Heyman takes over for CM Punk and asks for AJ Lee to marry him. Heyman says if AJ marries him, he promises her power behind her wildest belief. Heyman says that he and AJ Lee will trump all the power couples: Bill and Hilary, Brangelina, and even Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Paul Heyman says he’ll come up with all the ideas while AJ Lee can take all the idea. Heyman tells AJ to not be offended because he likes them “young, dumb, uninhibited and ambitious.” AJ Lee responds to Heyman’s proposal with a slap to the face, then leaves the ring.

Backstage: Black Ref 2 tells Heartthrob Ref that mistakes happen and that he’s got HTR’s back. AJ Lee walks up and BR2 leaves. HTR thanks AJ Lee for standing up for him, apologizes for his mistakes and promises to never make that mistake again. AJ Lee says she appreciates it and will assure that the mistake will never happen again, because if it does, she will personal see to it that he never in this business again.

AJ Lee says Heartthrob Ref embarrassed her because she put HTR in the main event and he made AJ look like an idiot. HTR apologizes again, but AJ Lee stares off into space.

HTR apologizes again as AJ Lee snaps out of it as tears stream down her cheeks.

Match 01: Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston comes down to the ring with R-Truth. Truth comes out with popcorn and soda and sits down next to an empty chair that is for Little Jimmy.

Vickie Guerrero mocks Little Jimmy which causes R-Truth to get upset. Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston to get involved then R-Truth throws his drink on Vickie Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero and R-Truth get ejected from ringside.

After the interference, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler proceed to have the match of the night.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

More praise for the match:

Recaps on Caps on Caps: Daniel Bryan and Kane on Smackdown 

Dr. Shelby’s Radical Therapy Pt. 1: 

 Daniel Bryan and Dr. Shelby are in a diner. Shelby says that last week Bryan and Kane were so close to a breakthrough and reminds Bryan that he and Kane are the Tag Team Champions. Daniel Bryan corrects him and says that he is the Tag Team Champions. Dr. Shelby tells Bryan that that is not grammatically correct.

Dr. Shelby proceeds to tell Daniel Bryan about his new roleplaying exercise. Dr. Shelby believes that outside of a competitive environment, Bryan and Kane can co-exist peacefully. Bryan asks Dr. Shelby how he plans on doing this and out comes Kane in an apron and a nametag.

Kane asks for Daniel Bryan’s order. Bryan laughs while Kane thinks this is stupid. Dr. Shelby says it’s not and asks Daniel Bryan what he’d like to eat. Bryan says he’d like a steamed vegetable platter and a tag team partner that’s not a selfish, psycho, 7ft. freak….and a drink.

Dr. Shelby reminds Bryan that the waiter isn’t Kane, but is a friendly waiter named Gerald. Kane Gerald agrees and says they have a new cook today because the old cook was really annoying and always took credit for everything. Kane Gerald says that he took the old cook by his scraggly goat beard, dumped his head into the deep fryer, took his disgusting greasy, scraggly goat beard, chopped it into little pieces then sprinkled it over every meal he served today, grossing out all of the customers. Dr. Shelby assures everyone that Kane is kidding then asks Kane if he’s kidding. Kane says he doesn’t know what Dr. Shelby is talking about because his name is Gerald.

Match 02: The Primetime Players vs. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder

Winners: The Primetime Players

RAW Special Guest: Mick Foley makes an appearance.

Mick Foley says tonight he’s not here at the Hardcore Legend, but as a card carrying member of the WWE Universe.

Mick Foley says he sees things on RAW that move him and inspire him. Foley talks about CM Punk last year and how CM Punk inspired change, but questions the change he inspired. Rather than being the voice of the voiceless, Punk is bullying referees and hiding behind Paul Heyman. Before Foley can continue, CM Punk comes out.

CM Punk tells Mick Foley instead of saying his comments about CM Punk to the people, Foley should say it to Punk’s face. CM Punk calls Mick Foley out on disrespecting him, trying to stay relevant and shilling a new kid’s book.

Mick Foley says that he struggled with issues of relevancy up until CM Punk cleared it up recently. Mick Foley says that he texted CM Punk when Punk won the WWE Championship, and 2 minutes later, CM Punk responded with “Thank You, Mick. That means a lot coming from you.” Foley is concerned about CM Punk’s alignment with Paul Heyman.

Before he talks to Mick Foley, CM Punk berates the WWE Universe.

Mick Foley and CM Punk go back and forth. Foley says that he used to be a Paul Heyman guy, but he didn’t become somebody until he stopped listening to Paul Heyman and he started to make decisions on his own. Foley says at the end of the day, Paul Heyman is going to do what’s best for Paul Heyman then questions CM Punk, one of the best talkers in the business, need a mouth piece. Foley tells CM Punk to decide if he’s going to be an inspiration in the WWE or a Kool-Aid Drinking.

CM Punk is ready to leave but Mick Foley has one more topic to talk about. Hell In A Cell. Foley says that HIAC made him a legend and he earned respect that night. Mick Foley says that anyone who does HIAC goes on to be respected for their entire career then brings up Shawn Michaels, Triple H and The Undertaker as examples.

Mick Foley says he wants CM Punk to step into the Hell In A Cell with John Cena to show that he’s the Best In The World. Punk asks the people if that’s what they want, but then Punk says that he’s heard this speech from John Cena and Bret Hart. CM Punk calls Mick Foley and the legends out for trying to latch on to him. Punk says he tried to attack Bret Hart, but he won’t lower himself to putting his hands on Mick Foley because like all of the people, Foley is beneath him.

CM Punk says he doesn’t need to do anything for the WWE Universe then calls Mick Foley out for hurting himself on purpose just for the adulation of the fans. Punk says the only thing he wants from the WWE Universe is to bring them to their knees and he’ll do that with a microphone.

CM Punk hypes his 309 days as champion. Mick Foley tells Punk that the length of his combined reigns as WWE Champion was 29 days. Mick Foley asks CM Punk if he wants to be a legend or a statistic and that people remember moments and not statistics.

Mick Foley tells CM Punk that he spoke to AJ Lee before coming out here and that out of respect for the WWE Championship, CM Punk is allowed to choose if he wants to face John Cena in Hell In A Cell. Foley tells Punk that he’ll have to tell John Cena face-to-face tonight and to make the right decision for Punk, Foley and the fans.

Match 03: The Ryback vs. The Miz

A Wild Fan Appears!

Courtesy of diebywwe

Winner: Ryback

Dr. Shelby’s Radical Therapy Roleplaying Pt. 2:

Daniel Bryan and Kane say they can never be friends, but then complement each other on beating up the Tag Team Division with chairs last Friday on Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan and Kane proceed to do their own rendition of “When Harry Met Sally” with Mae Young saying “I’ll have exactly what they’re having”

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Backstage: AJ Lee gives the referees a pep talk telling them that everybody makes mistakes. AJ Lee tells the referees to go out there and have a great rest of the show.

Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and RicRod talk to AJ Lee. Del Rio asks for another title opportunity, but AJ Lee declines. Instead, Del Rio, RicRod and Otunga will have to face Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Del Rio and Otugna protest but RicRod is excited.

Match 04: Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

Winner: Wade Barrett

Jerry Lawler Interview:

Jerry Lawler is shown sitting on a throne. Jerry Lawler recalls the last thing he remembers and gives an update on his health. Lawler makes fun of Michael Cole and says that as soon as doctors clear him, he’ll be back at the commentary table.

Match 05: David Otunga, RicRod and Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio, Sheamus and Sin Cara

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Sheamus and Sin Cara

Post-match, Sheamus Brogue Kicks David Otunga for no reason.

Dr. Shelby’s Radical Therapy Pt. 3:

Dr. Shelby wants Daniel Bryan to take a bite of Kane’s pasta and Kane to take a bite of the salad to walk a mile in each other’s shoes.

Per Dr. Shelby’s request, Daniel Bryan and Kane try the food. Kane tries salad and ends up burping.

Daniel Bryan tries spaghetti and meatballs, but ends up throwing up all over Dr. Shelby’s lap.

#RAWActive: Daniel Bryan and Kane’s tag team name will be revealed next.

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Daniel Bryan and Kane’s Tag Team Name Is…

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow attack Daniel Bryan and Kane from behind then announce themselves as “Team Rhodes Scholar.”

Match 06: Layla and Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres

Winners: Handsome Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix 

 Post-match, Kaitlyn returns and says she has security footage of her attacker. Kaitlyn says she saw the back of her head and it was a blonde. Handsome Eve Torres accuses Beth Phoenix then attacks Beth.

Match 07: Brodus Clay vs Tensai

Big Show makes his return…

Big Show knocks out Tensai then Brodus Clay.

Winner: Big Show
Loser: All of us.

John Cena addresses the WWE Universe:

John Cena says he wasn’t supposed to be here, but with his future in question he had to address the WWE Universe. Cena thanks the universe for their donations to the Susan G. Komen/Rise Above Cancer Campaign and their well wishes about his injury.

John Cena apologizes to Chad Patton and Handsome Ref to CM Punk, then calls out CM Punk for misquoting him. Cena says that CM Punk has turned into a “monkey franking ship sipping son of a bee-I’m not typing the rest of this….”

John Cena is upset about his injury but guarantees he’s going to walk into Hell In A Cell, not as a timekeeper or a ref, but he’s going to walk in to Hell In A Cell to fight. Before Cena can finish his guarantees, CM Punk walks out with Paul Heyman. CM Punk comes down the aisle and taunts a few children.

Courtesy of conchairto

CM Punk questions John Cena calling out his integrity and says he doesn’t buy into John Cena’s propaganda. Punk says that there is only one CM Punk, which is the same CM Punk that beat John Cena two years running, and the same CM Punk that walked into Boston at Night Of Champions then walked out champion. Punk says that his title reign won’t end by the hand of a one armed man. Cena tells CM Punk to shut up and face him at Hell In A Cell, but CM Punk refuses not only because John Cena gets enough title shots, but Punk says Cena won’t be able to compete at Hell In A Cell. CM Punk tells John Cena to run, and says that he’ll give Cena the count of 5 to run and if Cena’s still in the ring, he’s going to severely hurt John Cena. After a five count, CM Punk tries to attack John Cena, but Cena hits Punk with a pipe. John Cena follows that up with “Now That’s What I Call A Pipebomb.”

John Cena tells CM Punk “Real Men Wear Pink” then celebrates with the WWE Universe.

John Cena gives his pipe away as a souvenir to a lucky member of the WWE Universe.

Backstage: CM Punk walks past Mick Foley. Punk turns around and attacks Foley from behind. CM Punk walks off but then turns around but gets scared by the presence of someone….The Undertaker

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So That Happened:

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