Highlight Reel: Daniel Bryan: Origin of the "YES!" Chant

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.
For a man who was once labeled as having “no charisma”, Daniel Bryan sure has a lot of catchphrases. “YES!” “NO!” “I AM THE CHAMPIONS!” The list goes on. But like every great catchphrase, there’s a great origin story to go along with it. Daniel Bryan has gone on record saying that he borrowed the “YES!” chant from UFC Fighter, Diego Sanchez. And while that may be true, Daniel Bryan may have subconsciously borrowed the chant from someone else.

I know it seems like ALF and Daniel Bryan have nothing in common, but after seeing ReyFearsPsychosis’ latest mashup, I think the ol’ ALFer deserves some credit for some of Daniel Bryan’s success.

Or at least, a “Thank You” if, and when Daniel Bryan wins a Slammy Award this year.
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