Snapshots: Brooklyn! Brooklyn!

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When the location for Wrestlemania 29 was revealed to be the MetLife stadium in New Jersey, all New York wrestling fans, confused, had the following questions:

  • Why New Jersey
  • Why not MSG?
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    Every time Michael Cole proclaims that Wrestlemania 29 will hail from the “NY/NJ Area,” New Yorkers die a little. First of all, the NY/NJ area is not a place; the MetLife Stadium is New York adjacent at best. Second of all, the term “NY/NJ” didn’t work out for the NY/NJ Hitmen or the XFL, either. 
    But 3MB may have discovered the real reason behind the venue swerve. According to an article in the New York Metro, New Yorkers have honesty issues: Honest Tea set up stands filled with their drink and a jar asking for $1 as payment. New York City, on the whole did well in this experiment: 92% of people paid. Brooklyn, on its own, itself did not: It scored 61%.
    As Brooklynites, we’re a little ashamed of these results, particularly if this is one of the reasons New York was not chosen to host Wrestlemania again. That being said, 61% is still pretty good! Plus, in Brooklyn, someone tried to the duct tape that was on the stand? That was not part of the study but, to quote JTG:
    That’s Really Hood! Cheah!”

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