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Last night, the WWE went all out with their 25th Anniversary of Summerslam. Just like Wrestlemania, there were matches, live performances and celebrities. Also, like Wrestlemania, the Superstars decided to switch up their gear and pay tribute to their favorite Superheroes. While 3MB is not Fashion Police, we’re going to look at some of these gear changes and point out the clear winners and losers of the evening.

Rey Mysterio as Batman

 If you were following the 3MB Twitter Wall, you saw the backlash Rey Mysterio received for coming out in this attire.  Mysterio is no stranger to ruining Superhero costumes. He ruined Spiderman in ’97. He ruined The Flash in ’04, Silver Surfer in ’07, The Joker in ’09, Max Moon/Avatar in 2010 and now he’s adding Batman to his repertoire. The worst part about this is, it’s not even a good Batman costume. Here’s a list of the following things Rey Mysterio’s “Batman” attire looks like.
  • A  Times Square Batman
  • A Birthday Party Batman
  • Lego Batman (Via Dave Lagreca)
  • A Rejected member of the Colony from Chikara
  • A failed attempt of a “How To Draw Batman” tutorial
  • NOT Batman
  • Catwoman
  • Principal Skinner as Catwoman

Despite dressing like a winner, Rey Mysterio was not a winner at Summerslam. Mysterio may have dressed like the hero, but he wrestled long enough to hear the crowd treat him like a villain. Not only did he lose to The Miz, but he also disappointed the millions (and millions) of Batman fans that reside in the Gotham section WWE Universe. Not even Batmite himself would add this Batman to his collection.

Batman is not impressed
LOSER: Rey Mysterio
Kofi Kingston as Superman
Kofi Kingston is another WWE Superstar who is not afraid to embrace comic book inspired attire. Despite being a face, Kofi has donned Supervillain inspired attire in the past such as, Carnage, Skeletor, The Riddler and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.This year, Kofi quit embracing the hate, and went with a more traditional Superhero approach: Superman.
Kingston tends to go all out with his tights, and this year’s Superman tribute was no different. The tights are fitting since both Kofi and Superman can take flight with the greatest of ease. Unless you’re a Smallville fan, but even then, Kofi can run extremely fast. Kofi’s influence even inspired his tag team partner, R-Truth to get in on action as he dressed as Krypto: The Superdog.
The Superman/Krypto tights paid off as Kofi Kingston and R-Truth successfully retained their titles against the Prime Time Players.
WINNER: Kofi Kingston
And last, but certainly not least. One Superstar dressed as one of the greatest Superheros of “The New Generation.”
CM Punk as Bret “The Hitman” Hart
CM Punk is no stranger to Summerslam or paying tribute through tights. In the past, Punk has paid homage to the Chicago Cubs, G.I. Joe and the late-great, Macho Man Randy Savage. For Summerslam, “The Best In The World” paid tribute to “The Best There Is,” “Bret “The Hitman” Hart.
Both Punk and Bret have had tremendous success at Summerslam. Bret Hart, who is arguably “Mr. Summerslam,” won all three major titles at the event, while Punk has successfully retained the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships on multiple occasions at the PPV. The Hitman Homage paid off as CM Punk successfully retained the WWE Championship at Summerslam defeating John Cena and the Big Show in a triple threat match.
Image courtesy of
As for the rest of Summerslam, no one else dressed out of the ordinary. But based on CM Punk, Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio, the moral of the story is: The more effort you put into your costume, the better your chances of winning are. Maybe next year, Mysterio will dress as a giant book and call himself “The Great Gatsby.”
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