So That Happened: 08/13/12

Match 01: CM Punk vs. Big Sow

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he interrupts the match saying he deserves to be in the WWE Title picture.

Daniel Bryan enters the ring and attacks CM Punk  costing Big Show the match.

Winner: CM Punk

Post-Match, Daniel Bryan and BigShow beat up CM Punk until John Cena makes the save.

AJ Lee’s theme plays and she comes out and makes a tag team match: Big Show and Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena and CM Punk.

Image courtesy of

For those wondering the rules of this tag team match?

There ya go!

Backstage: Last Week’s 3MB Celebrity Guest Tweeter, JTG, complains to Kaitlyn about not having a match.

JTG says his lack of screen time is crazy, AJ thinks he called her crazy and books him in a match against a mystery opponent.

Match 02: Ryback vs JTG

Winner: Ryback

It’s not all bad for JTG because he’s…

Gif courtesy of Snitskys

#RAWActive: The announcers go over the choices for Piper’s Pit Tonight are #JerichoPit #DolphPit #MizPit

Backstage: Rowdy Roddy Piper goes on a rant about picks then talks to Shawn Michaels about Brock Lesnar. Piper walks off as Shawn Michaels talks to Triple H on the phone. Triple H is running late and HBK tells Hunter that he needs to be here.

Match 03: Heath Slater vs R-Truth

Winner: R-Truth

Post-Match, The Prime Time Players jump R-Truth.

Touts on Touts on Touts: Mark Henry at the 2012 Olympics

Touts on Touts on Touts: Booker T touts that Alberto Del Rio’s title match against Sheamus is cancelled due to his actions from Smackdown last week.

Match 04: Sin Cara vs #RaciallyInsensitiveTensai

Winner: Sin Cara

Post-Match, Tensai attacks Mr. Sakamoto.

Backstage: HBK is walking around. Wandering aimlessly.

Piper’s Pit: Rowdy Roddy Piper is in the ring with Jerry Lawler, awaiting the winner of the RAWActive Poll:

The winner is:

Image courtesy of TheSmackdownHotel

Seriously. The winner is Chris Jericho (and his new mowhawk)

Image courtest of

The interview starts with Piper telling Jericho about he and Chris Jericho being a lot alike. Piper starts rambling about Jericho’s Dad then mentioned that his Dad won the big one and that Jericho can do the same because the little boy in the red shirt thinks he can do it (Not making this up.)

Vickie Guerrero interrupts Piper’s Pit then introduces Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler runs down Piper.

Dolph Ziggler runs down Chris Jericho until Jericho mocks his hair then tells Vickie to “SHUT. THE HELL. UP!” Jericho says that he’s going to prove that he can win the big one this Sunday at Summerslam.

The Miz makes his entrance as Roddy Piper quietly chants Y2J.

The Miz says that he’s taking over Piper’s Pit with Dolph Ziggler as his guest. Miz tries to take the mic from Piper, but Jericho punches Miz then cleans house.

Match 05: Chris Jericho vs. The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler (DJ Pauly D is tweeting BTW)

Chris Jericho hits the Walls of Jericho on The Miz but Vickie Guerrero distracts the ref. Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag on Jericho for he win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage: CM Punk stretches until Handsome Eve Torres interrupts and congratulations Punk on “The New” CM Punk. CM Punk denies there’s a new CM Punk and the only thing he’s doing is fighting for respect. Eve says no one believes him, especially John Cena. Punk says he’ll prove it right now.

Backstage: Shawn Michaels wanders around until John Cena asks if he’s okay.

Backstage: CM Punk confronts John Cena telling him that he’s not guy and that he won’t stab Cena in the back.

Wade Barrett Promo:

Match 06: Handsome Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix vs Layla and Kaitlyn

Fact: This was DJ Pauly D’s favorite match of the evening.

Winner: Layla and Kaitlyn

Match 07: Big Show and Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk and John Cena

CM Punk does John Cena’s moveset!!

John Cena steals CM Punk’s moveset…

Winner: CM Punk and John Cena

Post Match, CM Punk wants to shake John Cena’s hand but he refuses.

Backstage: Paul Heyman is seen talking to Brock Lesnar

Match 08: Damien Sandow vs Christian

Brodus Clay’s music hits and he tries to interfere but he’s limping. Christian still loses.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Backstage: Shawn Michaels slowly walks to the ring. 

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H Contract Signing:

Paul Heyman taunts Triple H (Who isn’t here yet) then calls out Shawn Michaels to the ring.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman stare down Shawn Michaels until Triple H finally arrives.

Triple H signs the contract, then Brock Lesnar angrily signs the contract then throws the contract at Triple H.

Backstage: Shawn Michaels shares his doubts about Brock Lesnar with Triple H.

Backstage: Big Show is interviewed Matt Striker until they’re interrupted by an HBK/Paul Heyman accident. HBK and Heyman argue until Brock Lesnar pulls Shawn Michaels out of the car. Lesnar backs into the camera as the screen goes black and….yeah.

The unseen heroes of the RAW Roster are in the parking lot with AJ Lee looking at a broken windshield. Triple H asks AJ where Shawn Michaels is but AJ doesn’t know.

Brock Lesnar carries Shawn Michaels to the ring on his shoulders then tosses him into the ring.

Brock Lesnar hits the F-5 on Shawn Michaels.

Brock Lesnar locks in the Kimura Lock on Shawn Michaels.

Triple H runs down to the ring but Paul Heyman tells Triple H if he takes one more step, he’ll break HBK’s arm.

Triple H continues to take several steps.

Brock Lesnar breaks Shawn Michaels arm! Triple H charges to the ring but Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman run out. Triple H checks on Shawn Michaels, then rips off his pink shirt and challenges Brock Lesnar to fight “right now.”

So, That Happened:

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