Snapshots: Yeah, Buddy!

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share
The WWE is really embracing the Social Media aspects of RAW. In addition to Tout, they’ve also been enlisting people to be Social Media Ambassadors (Not a Thing) on Twitter (A Thing: Follow 3ManBooth). DJ Pauly D (Also, Not a Thing) is the first “Ambassador” since the Charlie Sheen Commotion of RAW 1000. Unfortunately, his Ambassadorness could not save him from this Social Media Gaff.
Our 3ManBooth Tumblr caught the mis-tweet
Too bad the match he was supposed to be tweeting about a Divas Tag Team Match, Layla and Kaitlyn versus Beth Phoenix and Eve. Maybe the Anonymous RAW General Manager gave him some misinformation.
Courtesy of
At least he didn’t Tout it!
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