The Meme Event: Disappointed Diva

In The Meme Event, 3MB shares wrestling inspired Memes.

WWE’s Divas Division has always been a topic of discussion among wrestling fans. Some fans love it. Some hate it. Some want Lita to come back (Even if she’s happily retired.), And some just think it’s the perfect time for a bathroom break. But recently, Diva Detractors and Enthusiasts have been asking the same question: Where Are They??

The Divas have never gotten a lot of screen time, but with RAW’s upgrade to 3 Hours and a female RAW General Manager, many fans assumed that the focus on the Divas Division would shift. It did, but now the Divas Division has gone from 3 minutes matches to a backstage segment if they’re lucky. And while we’re happy to see AJ Lee in a prominent role and hear Vickie Guerrero destroy our ear drums, it’d still be nice to see Layla, Beth Phoenix, Natalya and even the Handsome Eve Torres in the ring once or twice a week.

So since the WWE isn’t putting the spotlight on the Divas, we at 3MB decided to give them some attention with our latest meme: Disappointed Diva

Disappointed Diva has a little fun with their unfortunate placement (or lack their of) on RAW. Here are a few Disappointed Diva photos.

 You can check out the rest of Disappointed Diva at on our Facebook and Tumblr pages. Let’s hope that we get to see the Divas in action for a least a few minutes in the weeks to come. Enjoy!
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