Snapshots: Gotham City Street Fight

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If you saw Christopher Nolan’s latest – and final – Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, you may have wondered about Bane, the film’s villain. Here are 4 things you may not know about him:

  1. He was created in the 1990s for DC.
  2. In the Comics, He Wears a Luchador-Style Mask.
  3. In the Comic Knightfall, Bane executes a Backbreaker on Batman so devastating that he breaks Batman’s Back.
  4. In Batman: The Animated Series, Bane is shockingly similar to Alberto Del Rio, only 10 years before.

Were Bane an actual person, given the statements above, he would have been signed by WCW to battle alongside their other masked marvels: Arachnaman and Mr. JL.

The Batman / Bane feud has endured over these past decades, depicted by different artists:

Art by Ramon Villalobos

and in different mediums, even finding its way into the squared circle.

WrestleCrisis, 2011, Toronto Underground Cinema. Photo by K Sawyer Paul

 The message is always the same, however: Batman. Does. Not. Tap.
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