Highlight Reel: The American Patriot of the WWE

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

We at Three Man Booth were sitting in the Booth, discussing who would be considered the WWE’s most American Patriotic Wrestler. Credit goes to @CharlesCress whose tweet about “Real American,” the greatest American Patriotic wrestling theme of all time, started this discussion.

We came up with a short list of Good and Bad Choices

Hulk Hogan:
In the 80’s, He was pretty much America.

Sgt. Slaughter:
He’s has a G.I. Joe Action Figure and a Wrestling Action Figure.

‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan:
His two favorite words are “USA!” and “Hoooooooooooo!”

Lex Luger:
“I’ll Be Your Hero,” the Theme for the Lex Express, killed the Cassingles Industry.

‘The Patriot’ Del Wilkes:
Almost made us defect to Canada because Bret was way better.

Mark Henry:
Captain of the 1996 US Olympic Weight Lifting Team.

Kurt Angle:
Winner of the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal for Wrestling … and his Entrance Music is the 2nd greatest American Patriotic wrestling theme of all time.

Mr. America:
He took the Patriot’s mask, added a Mustache, and made it better.

Jack Swagger … ‘s Swagger Soaring Eagle:
The only endangered species that takes bumps.

John Cena:
Kids and America

Derrick Bateman:
Chicks and America

Despite this list of potential Patriots, the most Patriotic Wrestler in the WWE is the Undertaker. Before he was the American Badass, he cut a promo for the 1993 Survivor Series proudly claiming and displaying his support for the Red, White and Blue:


We here at Three Man Booth wish everyone a Happy and Safe Fourth of July and also want to thank the Troops and Soldiers around the world for their continued protection.

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