Snapshots: MITB Magazine

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

The WWE has been trying different ideas in their Pay Per View Posters. For Last Month’s No Way Out, they came up with an classic Silent Film homage but put and WWE twist on it:

Insert Obligatory “AJ Can Tie Me Up Any Day” Comment

Daniel Bryan is in the role of the “Damsel in Distress” while AJ assumes the title of “Scoundrel,” tying D-Bry to the Train Tracks. For this month’s Money in the Bank, they have come up with a completely different idea:

The Drop Cap Letters On the Left Spell “POP”

What makes this “Magazine” work is that it intentionally looks completely fake. Alberto Del Rio looks like he posed for the photo in the middle of Times Square or while he was walking the Boardwalk on the Coney Island. Or, even better, it looks like ADR ordered Ricardo Rodriguez to get him on the cover of a Magazine; so, the ever ingenious RicRod used his Adobe PhotoShop skills and to come up with this design.

Or, Maybe Alberto Del Rio looked at the Playbook and is pulling a Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.

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