Snapshots: Thor-ico

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May 4, 2012 was a busy day. It was Star Wars Day (“May the Force”).
It was also the U.S. release of Marvel’s highly anticipated The Avengers.

3MB uncovered the WWE’s unofficial tribute to Star Wars but finding one for the Avengers took some digging.

Never the Less, Three Man Booth Proudly Presents: Thor-ico!!!
Image Courtesy of

Chris Jericho Dressed as Thor for a Segment on G4TV’s “Attack of the Show.”
Stare at this picture long enough and a Thor / Jericho Comparison Really Makes Sense.

  • Long, Blonde Hair
  • Shiny Clothing
  • Cocky
  • Slightly Out of Touch with Everyone Else
  • Proclaiming to be the Best
  • Had to Be Humbled by Their Respective Fathers (Odin/Vince)

Maybe Donald Blake is the Birthname of Mongoose McQueen.
If you replace Mjölnir with a Light Up Technicolor Jacket, you’d have a Match.
Of course, replace Mjölnir with a Sledgehammer and you get Triple H, but that’s besides the point.

For  more of Thor-ico – including video – check out

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